Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still kickin..

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

Yes, despite posting a blog in awhile,
we are still alive and kicking.

We've started working 4 10 hour days here at the KOA,
which leaves little time during work days to do anything else :-)

The inspection of the KOA went well, and they scored much
higher points than the previous year.
We've all been working hard to spruce up the place,
including lots of weeding on my part.
My back, knees, and legs are feeling it!
I have to say though, the benefits so far are a 10 pound weight loss!
I had blood work done recently and all my numbers are great :-)

George has gotten a lot of things done on the new home,
including putting our map back on the slide.

My new bird feeder is up, and it's attracting
all kinds of nice birds including this guy..

A few weeks ago I cracked a tooth,
which led to $3,000 worth of dental work.
Two crowns and a new filling...ugh.
Mom has chipped in half to help out..thanks Mom!

George's shoulder has been bothering him,
and has an appointment to get it checked out.
We're getting too old to do all this physical stuff!

Our days off have been great, relaxing,
dining with family and friends.

Life is great!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Busy at the KOA

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

Things are hopping at the KOA!
Last Saturday there was an Easter egg hunt
for the kids that were in the park.
We had about 15 kids, not many, 
but they had a great time.

One of our other workampers, Tina,
does all the event planning thank goodness :-)
I got to sit by the pool and wait for the kids to come down.
We had root beer floats and ice cream sandwiches for them.

 I like to sit outside when I can, nice!

 George stays busy doing different projects.
This day he was putting together some new grills for the cabins.

Yesterday he and the other 'George' (Tina's husband) 
pressure washed the A frame roof.

We had a great Easter Sunday.
There was a brunch at church which was delicious.
The service was wonderful, and it was nice to be together.

The last few days here have been rainy and gloomy.
We have the KOA inspectors here as well,
the nicest couple you'd ever want to meet!

Our typical days off have been Thursday and Friday.
We've been getting together with friends,
visiting Mom, and my son & fiance.

Life is good!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The going's on..

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

We've been extremely busy this last week.
With only one day off since we've been back
with the new RV, we haven't had a lot of time
to just 'relax' and enjoy our new digs!

It's slowly getting comfortable in here,
with some adjustments.
We've increased our daily step count by constantly
going to the wrong cupboard, or wrong direction
looking for where we put things!

With all the excitement of the new RV the focus,
I failed to report that my son Adam and his girlfriend Jennifer
got engaged!!

They went tent camping down in San Luis Obispo
the end of March, and he proposed!
We're very excited, and glad to be in the area
to help with the future nuptials.

They've set up life in a great two bedroom apartment,
and since they love to cook together,
have cupboards full of kitchen items.

They invited all of us over for dinner the other night.
The pork loin, scalloped potatoes, green beans,
and a wonderful Japanese cheesecake were terrific!

Our work schedule has been a bit hectic.
There's a KOA inspection coming up
next weekend, so a lot of sprucing up is going on.
George has been on the Kubota moving downed tree logs
from that big storm that hit several months ago.
I've been weeding and deadheading flowering plants.
We'll get help next week, as a new workamper couple
will be arriving to take up slack.

The managers here, Brian & Summer, are great at
giving us Sunday mornings off to go to church.
We open the office sometimes to give us evenings off,
and close to give us some morning time to relax a bit.

Finally we get Thursday and Friday off this week.
We're planning on getting together with friends,
and maybe just relaxing for awhile!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Finally...some interior pictures

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

Oh boy what a week!
After waiting for everything to be installed
in our new home,
it was finally time for us to move
everything out of the Montana.

They parked old and new side by side..

..then George and I proceeded to spend the next 2 1/2 days
moving things over and putting things where they belong.
It was exhausting!

By Saturday we were hitching up and going back to the KOA.

Sunday we went back to work,
so it took us most of the last few days
to get pictures hung,
vent covers installed,
and other things put away.

So without further ado...the interior shots..

We love the bigger windows, the 50" TV..

..the nice big pantry to the right of the TV..

..the residential refrigerator with ice maker,
hutch area, and dishwasher..

..the king sized bed with a slide that goes
out a bit farther giving much more walking room..

..the 32" TV in the bedroom and nice big windows..
George will be tucking the DirecTV Genie box up
and out of the way.

..nice big shower, and more counter top in bathroom..

..and linen closet in there too!

We certainly will miss things about the Montana,
especially the fact that the Splendide washer/dryer
is now in the bedroom.
The great storage and roominess of the Vilano
outweighs anything we miss!