Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The joy and frustration

Country Inn & Suites
Dixon, CA
(yes we're in a hotel)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks!

It's been busy at work, getting ready for the busy season.
There was the storm damage to get cleaned up,
and there is a KOA inspection coming up the end of April.
George got to play on the Kubota tractor, which made him happy.

We found out that the new RV (Harvey II)
would be ready for us to take delivery this week.
Our new employers were prepared for our departure,
so we felt good leaving for awhile.
George found out that we would not be able
to overnight in the LaMesa RV lot due to liability issues.
I have a friend (since 1st grade!) who lives nearby,
and she graciously invited us to stay there.

George and I drove up Hwy 101,
over the Benicia-Martinez bridge (had to pay $20 toll!),
and onto Hwy 680 to 80 to Davis, CA.
We pulled into the LaMesa RV lot around 1:30,
where within a few minutes they took the Montana away 
with one of their forklifts.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and night at my friend MJ's & Mike's house.
Mike did some dinner prep, pot roast & veggies!
MJ recently broke her leg, so was relaxing,
but I forgot to take pics!

Their new dog Max :-)

Tuesday morning we got up early,
went to breakfast,
and got to the RV lot at around 9:30
where we were supposed to do a walk through.
First there was a bit of confusion.
They didn't think our Vilano was on this lot.

It was..

Then the Sales Manager was upset because he 'didn't get told'
that we were taking our Splendide,
swapping our tires,
mattress, theater seating,
and satellite.
Hey, not our fault you guys don't communicate with
the other salesman from the Phoenix LaMesa!

After we got him calmed down we sat down
with heads in hands wondering if we did the right thing :-(

Eventually they figured everything out and parked our 2 units
side by side by the shop.

First thing the techs did was to take our theater seating out of the Montana,
take the sofa out of the Vilano....
no WAIT it's supposed to be the theater seating!!

Put back sofa. Remove theater seating.
Put in theater seating.
Follow along...

While all that is happening another tech
is trying in vain to find the satellite controller cable.
Once he found it, he realized that it was wired backwards,
so he had male to male ends.

In the meantime..
we decided to book a hotel for a couple nights.
The Sacramento commute traffic from MJ's to Davis
took way too long.

While all the craziness of the day was going on,
George drove me to the hotel so I could rest :-)
He went back to find they had swapped the Montana tires,
put them on the Vilano rims.
Wow, one thing went right!

Last night we grabbed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant,
and this morning had breakfast here at the hotel.

Day two of the 'take delivery' saga..

We arrived at around 9 this morning,
to find them still working on the satellite.
They got ahold of VanLeigh,
who had to approve a warranty claim
to fix the satellite cable! 

We found a Beach Hut Deli nearby, had lunch,
then came back to find out they had started
to move our Splendide washer/dryer combo
to the Vilano.
Or so we thought...

The tech said that things would have to be modified
for it to fit!
This is after the factory prepped for it supposedly.

I'm not sure what finally happened,
but before we knew it,
Eric the tech drilled a hole for the dryer vent.

At the end of the day we were told by tomorrow at 10 am
 the Splendide would finish being installed,
the mattress swapped, the RV detailed,
and our walk through would begin.

At that point we can begin the moving of our belongings over.

Stay tuned....


  1. Sorry the move isn't going smoother, but I'm sure it will all be good when it's done! Congrats!

  2. How frustrating for you. I sure don't see why you couldn't have stayed in one of your two fifth wheels! We've done it several times while switching over. Maybe they don't want you to get too comfortable. :) It will all be worth it when you're all moved in to your beautiful new rig.

  3. You wouldn't think you have to stay on top of every little thing. Based on what you've written here, better check every inch of that place in your PDI so you can get any problem fixed before you sign on that dotted line!!

  4. Oh good grief! Why does it have to be so difficult? Hope today goes much better for you!

  5. I thought we had problems with our new delivery, Wow yours makes ours look like a walk in the park.
    Hopefully they'll park the trailers door to door not nose to nose like they did for us.
    Waiting to hear that you are settled in and enjoying your new Home soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Good Grief. It's like they paid no attention to the deal at all. You are very patient people. Makes me know that without catastrophe, we'll never have another RV. Since you took lots of things from Harvey, what made you decide to retire Harvey for Harvey Jr? Was Harvey Sr misbehaving?

    1. No, Harvey Sr has been nothing but good to us. We just decided that a new RV would be a great idea. Trade-in value would only decrease if we waited longer.

  7. Remembering when we were together for the move into Harvey 1 - sure hope one day our paths will cross? Hopefully the second half of the move will go smoother! 💕

  8. We bought our Alfa thru that LaMesa. It was not a good experience, but we love the Alfa anyway. Enjoy your new rig.

  9. Oy vey! What an ordeal. When we upgraded from our Chalkenger to the Phaeton it took 2 days to move everything. In the rain. Couldn't believe how much stuff we had in the motorhime! Hope things are smoother from here on out.

  10. It's birth pains! ;c)

    Everything will be worth the aggravation once all is completed, your new rig is beautiful (saw Mike and Terri's and LOVED it).

  11. Congrats on the new rig! Hopefully everything will work out and you will have smooth travels for the rest of the year. Stay away from RV shows for the next 10 years!