Thursday, March 9, 2017

A new workamping job

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

Well we finally made the move 41 miles north to Prunedale.
This KOA is an older campground that has been here as long
as I can remember.
It used to be called Cabana Holiday,
and is a combination of cabins, RV sites, and a mobile home park.
It was bought by a company 
that owns several KOAs in California.

We got a really nice site,
actually the best one in the park!

It's very close to the office, which makes it very convenient :-)

Right now we're training, so we've been working 6 hour days.
KOA has their own reservation system, in old-fashioned DOS :-(
It's not that complicated, but not the easiest to learn.
We both got tee-shirts and windbreakers in KOA yellow..

For the meantime I'm in the office,
and George is helping with different projects outside.

We have a great clubhouse with a pool table,
ping pong table, and TV.

The office is nice too.

The store is well stocked with all kinds of goods.

There is a great pool as well.
It's being renovated at the moment.

Since this job keeps us in California, and close by Mom,
we've decided not to return to Custer.
George and I can stay here until the fall and beyond!

We have an update on our new RV.
It's looking like the week of the 20th,
so we have some light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. Good for you and how exciting to get a new RV! We are looking forward to hearing about a new Tiffin made vehicle since we are former Phaeton fans and owners.

  2. The new gig sounds great. It's so nice to see green, the Valley is getting covered with snow (family is from Wilkes-Barre). We're retired at the beach here in Ocean City, MD.

    Congrats on the new RV!

  3. So happy for you guys - about the job and new home! Looks like an awesome place to be! Can't wait to see pics of the new 5er!

  4. Congratulations....looks like a nice place. We enjoyed our workamping gig last summer at a KOA in Massachusetts. Sounds like you have some busy days ahead with working and moving into your new RV. We heard yesterday from Marlene, we are to be in Custer by April 28th...will post pics. So happy for you that you get to be near your mom.

  5. Your new RV will look great in that nice site. Glad that your new job is working out so well for you, despite DOS. ;c)

  6. Sounds like a great gig with that plus of location.

  7. Sounds perfect for you guys. How wonderful that your site is the best one in the campground. Now that is a really nice perk. I'm amazed that KOA is using a DOS based reservation system. That is REALLY old.