Friday, March 3, 2017

A Change of Venue

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

As you all know, we've been sitting in Greenfield, CA
at a beautiful RV park since late September.
George and I came here after spending the summer
working in Custer, SD.
My mom had some health issues,
so we wanted to be able to be nearby if she needed us.
We've been fervently trying to find a workamping job
anywhere within an easy radius of  Salinas.
My mom has graciously been helping us out with the rent.

After 5 months, we are happy to say that our prayers were answered!
We got a call from a KOA that is nearby,
wanting to hire us to work there!

We'll be moving from Greenfield to Prunedale (where I used to live!).
Tomorrow we'll make the 41 mile trek,
and get settled in to our new home.
I'll post pictures tomorrow.

It should be a typical workamping job,
me helping in the office,
and George doing outside duties.
We'll get paid an hourly rate plus our site!
It will be nice, as we will be only 15 minutes from Mom,
instead of the 35-40 minutes.
We'll also be a lot closer to our friends up at Coyote :-)

Our new RV is progressing,
being built in their factory in Burnsville, MS
There's a great Facebook page that is moderated by
the workers..
we even got a picture of our RV in the factory..

It's targeted to be here in CA by the 13th,
we're getting impatient!


  1. The new work camping job sounds like it fits all your needs and keeps you close to your mother.
    Looking forward to seeing you in your new Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Congrats guys snd good luck. Sounds like a nice gig.

  3. Glad things are going well for y'all. I like the floor pattern on your new RV.

  4. Nice that you got a job near Mom. I do know that it will make a huge difference being so close. Hope it is a job you really enjoy!!

  5. How perfect for you. Congratulations! So glad things worked out so well.

  6. Congrats on the new job! Waiting for your new home must be so difficult!

  7. Glad to hear things have finally worked out. Hope to see your new rig in person this spring/summer! :c)

  8. I just looked at your site on FB.....NICE!

  9. Great to hear about your new job so close to your mom. Not to mention you already know where the good restaurants are.

  10. Prayers answered for sure -- how wonderful that you're so close to your mom, and from the pics on FB your site looks beautiful!! Congrats!