Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Some updates to Harvey

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

It's been a busy week here.
With some Christmas money
I bought a new kitchen faucet.
Ours was getting pretty worn, 
and I wanted one that was a bit higher.

George had no problem removing the old one..

and getting the new one installed.

We really love it!

I also got one of those salt lamps..

the jury is out yet on its effectiveness,
but it's sure pretty!

Our theater seating finally arrived.
We ordered one from Ashley Furniture
several weeks ago.
The guys that delivered it had no problem
getting it in the door, as the backs come off.

It fits perfectly, is very comfortable,
and George says it's perfect for snoozing!

All the rain California has been getting has
turned the surrounding mountains and hills
nice and green!

Yesterday we got up nice and early (3:30 am!)
to take  my Mom to the hospital.
She had a scheduled heart ablation
to help control her A-Fib issues.

I'm happy to report that it went well!
She's feeling pretty good,
and is going to be discharged sometime today.
Time will tell if the ablation did its job.
She'll get her energy back I'm sure!


  1. Good news about your mom. My mom is going to have knee replacement so I'm glad I'll be here to help. Let me know how your lamp works. I've been looking at buying one. Steve's been spending his time getting the new trailer ready for travel. Enjoy your time in California.

  2. Love the new faucet!! I have a high
    one too and love it. The theater seating is beyond awesome. Love love love it!! You will really enjoy it!!!
    Wishing your mom a complete recovery!!

  3. I know your mom is really happy to have you nearby to be with her for these hospital things. Hope it works perfectly. Love your new furniture, looks so comfy. Nice demonstration George. I'm very interested in hearing how the salt lamp works. I need some sleep help.

  4. George sure is handy, but with that new theater seating, you may never get him out of it to do anything else... :cD

  5. Lots of good things happening in your life in this new year....keep it up.