Monday, January 2, 2017

On to 2017!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Happy New Year to all our friends,
and here's hoping 2017 is filled with great times!

New Year's eve was spent with some friends
who stayed here at the park.

Sheldon and I knew each other from the church.
He and his wife Pam have a toy hauler fifth wheel,
and come to Yanks once a month to get away.
They live in Salinas.

We invited them over for munchies during the day.

I bought a VR Gear with some of my Christmas money,
it was a big hit for all of us.

Sheldon loved the roller coaster :-)

You can see our sofa bed is missing. 
We sold it on LetGo.
Our new theater seating will be delivered Thursday, yay!

Later in the evening we walked over to their RV for dinner.
It has been pretty cold, as you can see!
We huddled around their propane fire pit, 
but it didn't help!

We opted to eat inside.
Great meal of tri-tip, salad, and great wine.
We topped it off with some cheesecake.
Selfie didn't turn out very good :(

It was great to get together with them!

Today George is installing a new kitchen faucet.

Our other one was getting nasty looking
from mineral deposits, etc.

Love the new look!


  1. Your new faucet looks amazing! And theater seating sounds awesome. We are thinking that next winter we may get some new chairs for our place. Hard to believe that we've been in our rvs so long that we are replacing furniture. :)

    Happy New Year to you and George!! :)

  2. Glad to see you are still hanging in there. Hope it's warmer than in Quartzsite.
    Wishing you a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  3. Like that new faucet!!! Hope you all have a happy, healthy 2017.

  4. Great new faucet. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  5. Yup, even in an RV things have to be replaced.

  6. 2017 already? I'm still trying to finish everything up from 2014. Yep, I know I'm a little bit behind... ;c)