Friday, January 27, 2017

A pre-birthday outing

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

While we wait for our new home (RV) to be built,
we've been busy doing normal things.
I continue to help my Mom out,
and George and I have been purging things out of Harvey :-)

My 60th (!) birthday is Sunday,
so George asked me what I wanted to do.
The weather is starting to get nice, with almost 70° temps.
I chose to go to my favorite place,
anywhere where I can see the ocean :-)

One place I'm ashamed to say I've never been
is the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove.

It's a grove of Eucalyptus and Cypress trees where
the annual overwintering of the monarch butterfly happens.

They begin arriving in October,
then cluster together on the trees.

The monarch can not withstand freezing temps,
so to survive they overwinter in mild climates.

The temperature has to be just right..
not too cold as to kill them, 
and not to warm to sap their energy.
Pacific Grove is just perfect for that!

The story of their migration is pretty interesting,
and can be read here.
By February they are in their mating cycle,
and more monarchs are emerging from their cocoons.


The sanctuary is set up with a few stations
that have descriptions of the life cycles of the monarch.

We only wish we would have come in November,
when there are more than 30,000 monarchs!
Today there were approximately 1,200.

George and I moved on to a drive along the coast.
We're at the tail end of some storms 
that have been pounding the area with rain.
The waves have been pretty impressive,
even sweeping a few tourists off the rocks :-(

There are always lots of seagulls preening their feathers.

Never tire of seeing the sea otters floating around too.

Soon after we went to Domenico's for drinks and appetizers.
It was nice to look out and see some otters playing.

We had such a terrific time!


  1. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day. Just think, you're another year closer to getting that monthly check😊. Two weeks and I'll be celebrating the 41st anniversary of my 20th birthday and I'm going to Disney! You must be getting excited about your move. Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy birthday. Wendy and I will be celebrating our 60 this year also.

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time with those beautiful butterflies, I didn't know there was such a place to view them.

    Hope Harvey II doesn't take too long to build, I'm sure you're having a hard time waiting to meet him. What a wonderful thing to be looking forward to! :c)

  4. It is interesting how something as delicate as the Monarch Butterfly migrates each year. Across the Bay where we are from in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at the tip of the Stonington Peninsula, they stop on their way south to Mexico in August and September. They are counted and tagged. I have read that 4 of the tagged Monarchs from the UP have been found in Mexico. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. Happy Birthday!

    Celebrating the Dance

  5. Love all your beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see your new RV!

  6. Happy birthday (a day early!)!! :) That looks like it was a wonderful choice for a celebration.

    You guys must be so excited to be waiting for your home to be built. The next weeks will probably NOT go by fast. haha But you can get prepared for the move so that will probably be helpful when the time does come for moving all your stuff over to the new place.

  7. Great ocean pictures. I am not sure I remember by 60th. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy happy birthday Laurie! This looks like a perfect day to me. I'd sure love to see those Monarchs and the ocean looks beautiful. Otters are one of my very favorites!! Great birthday!

  9. That looks like a great place to celebrate your birthday or just visit for no particular reason. You took some good pics also.

  10. Well you know 60 is the new 50! And you look NO WHERE NEAR 60!!! What a neat place to go to, and great pictures of those butterflies. . . and the sea otter! Cute!

  11. Nice way to spend the day but did it get your mind off the new rig?