Monday, December 12, 2016

Dancing around the Christmas tree

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

It's starting to feel like Christmas in California!
It's been cold enough overnight to run the furnace,
and we see Christmas lights on homes around
the towns of Salinas and Greenfield.
Even the RV park has put up decorations.

George and I have committed to walking
around the park at least every other day.
I'm trying to get control of my numbers,
and George is helping :-)

My Mom is doing great, 
and we drive up to Salinas every other day
to visit, do chores,
and do some things with her.

One thing I did with Mom on Friday
was to go see the Camerata Singers.
They are a local community chorus
who perform concerts in the area throughout the year.
Friday's concert was Christmas themed,
and was just wonderful!
I found this great picture of them on their webpage..

We really enjoyed it!

Last night our church had their traditional
'Dancing around the Christmas Tree'.
St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church is a
Danish Lutheran church,
and keeps up several traditions.

One of them is to form several circles
around the tree in the fellowship hall.
Holding hands, the people circle around,
each circle going opposite directions.
Everyone sings 'Nu har vi Jul igen'
with the circles going faster and faster until 
everyone is exhausted :-)
The translation is
'Now it is Christmas time,
now it is Christmas time,
and Christmas lasts til Easter'.

Of course every year everyone has to be 
reminded what to sing :-)
Pastor Hoff, a good Norwegian,
held up the lyrics!

Afterwards we sing Christmas carols in the circle,
then have a few desserts :-)

It's always been one of my favorite things to do
when we're here at Christmas.


  1. After all that dancing...... deserts are sure in order.

  2. Boy is your mom going to miss you two when you move on. Always wonderful if you really can return home to favorite traditions. Lucky you.

  3. I'd have trouble saying those words even with the placard with the words! :cD