Monday, November 7, 2016

This, that, and Aebleskivers

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

We continue to keep busy here in California.

Tuesday the 1st was my Mom's birthday,
so I surprised her by taking her to

This house, in Salinas, was built in 1897,
and the Steinbeck family bought it in 1900.
John Steinbeck was born in 1902
and lived in this house for many years.
40 years ago it was made into a quaint restaurant,
staffed by volunteers dressed in Victorian period dress.
I used to eat lunch here when I worked in Salinas.
The food is great!

Thursday I finally got in to a dentist
for a long overdue cleaning.
That and x-rays...$423!!
California is so expensive :-(

Saturday was our church's annual
Aebleskiver Luncheon.
We're not usually here this time of year,
so it was nice to be able to take Mom
and enjoy it.
I was asked to help too,
as they have a 'Grandma's Attic' area,
which is gently used items for sale.

My Mom and George relaxed and people watched 
while I worked :-)

What are Aebleskivers, do you ask?
They are traditional Danish pancakes in the shape of a sphere.

You need a special pan (shown above)
in order to cook them.
The recipe is basically the same as pancake batter,
some people put apples in the batter too.

They're eaten with either granulated sugar,
jam or jelly, or pancake syrup.

I took a picture of the story of the history,
which were on the tables. (Click to enlarge).

My son, Adam, inherited my Mom's pan,
and does a great job making them.
Hmm, maybe it'll be on the menu soon
at his new job :-)

We are STILL waiting for the repairs 
to be done on the RV!
If you don't remember,
we had a blowout on our way here,
which did lots of damage to the side of the RV.
You can refresh your memory here.
It's been over a month now,
and Camping World is going back 
and forth with our carrier, NGIC,
on the estimate.
We think it'll finally be getting fixed
around Dec. 1st! Ridiculous.

We still don't have a job here either.
I did happen to see that an RV park
in Marina, CA (on the ocean!) is 
looking for a workamper.
I sent them our resume,
and we're taking a ride there today,
and bug them until they hire us :-)
It would be 20 miles closer to Mom.
Keep us in prayer, and keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I thought you had a misspelling in your title. Not working gives you lots of time to take care of business. Bummer about the repairs. Hopefully it'll all work out. Enjoy your time there!

  2. Good luck in getting the job, and those sound tasty.) take care, R&W

  3. SO hoping you get that job. How could they get someone better than you guys. Really sorry you have to have your repairs done at Camping World. After one experience we vowed never again. I wonder what in the world that word in the title was so thanks for enlightening me. I love what I learn in fellow RVers blogs. Your family must be Danish.

  4. Hope they hire you and all works out to be closer to your mother.

  5. George and Mom watching you work.... what a hoot. Trusting you will get that job and we sure can relate on waiting for damages to be repaired.

  6. Good luck with the job and repairs. Those pancake things look good. I'm not even going to try and spell them.

  7. That RV park would be crazy not to snap you and George up! You both are such hard workers and they'd be lucky to have you. Hope it works out for you!