Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A new addition

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Today we finally pull out and head north
to Camping World for the long awaited
repairs to Harvey.

2 months ago we had a blow out on the trailer
which caused damage to the passenger side.
Why it's taken 2 months to get it finally repaired is unacceptable.
Somewhere between Camping World and NGIC insurance
lies the blame, so we're currently shopping for new insurance.
NGIC has upped our annual premium by $672!
This is after 5 years of no claims, and no significant increases.

Yesterday we did some shopping :-)
Our sofa bed in the RV is falling apart,
and is very uncomfortable to sit on anyway.
George and I have been looking for 
something to replace it with,
such as theater seating with recliners.
It had to be a specific length,
wall hugger,
and not too heavy either.

There is a local Ashley Furniture dealer,
so we looked for something there.
We found the perfect thing!

It is SO comfortable, has a great center console with storage,
and power recline!
Watching TV will be so much nicer :-)
It gets delivered in 3 weeks, we can't wait!

After shopping and taking Mom to the dentist,
we stopped to eat at a local Mexican restaurant.
You know it's authentic when everything
on the menu was in Spanish.
Good thing I took several years of Spanish,
it came in handy!

This is salsa & chips..

8 different salsas, all very hot!

I ordered carne asada,
which was excellent..

It came with refried beans, baked in a flour shell,
rice with corn, and a cactus leaf.

Hopefully we'll be back here in Greenfield by mid-week.
Looking forward to getting our Christmas decorations out!


  1. Good luck with your repairs! We had our blow out in July and it is at the service center now. It's been three weeks! Luckily we have the 2nd RV we can stay in until we get the 5th wheel back. It seems to take forever to get repairs done.

  2. You'll love your new recliners. Hope your repairs don't take as long as Max and Dave's repairs.

  3. Our repairs took almost 7 weeks! No increase on our insurance and they paid us back for our stays in hotels.
    Love your new recliners!

  4. Now why can't they put good furniture like that in the RV rig right from the factory? ;c)

    1. PS: The backs will come off to get it in Harvey's door. We have the very same thing in our upstairs rec room, they took the backs off to get it up the stairs.

  5. The new furniture looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  6. Really hope everything goes well with Camping World and the repair. Recliners look so comfy. Let us know about your extended warranty choice. Sure sounds like a run around with your old one and then hike after your only claim.

  7. It will feel like a whole new home when the new chair(s) are in place.