Sunday, November 13, 2016

A fun day with friends, and an overnight trip

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

On Thursday we got together with
our good friends, Connie & Greg,
and showed them the River Road wine trail.

There are 8 wineries on River Road and surrounding roads.
The road stretches from highway 68 south to Soledad.
Lucky for all of us, the RV resort has free wine tasting passes :-)

We started out at Scheid Vineyards, which is just south of us here.

George and I had never been to that winery,
and this is Connie & Greg's first time to this wine area.

We picked up some crackers, cheese, sausage, and munchies,
and headed on to Hahn Winery.

 They have a couple 'house' cats, 
Chardonnay and Cabarnet :-)

George's favorite winery :-)

We picked Hahn to have our little picnic,
due to the fact that the views from their deck are spectacular!

We had our munchies and a bottle of wine,
it was so nice out!

Even the Jays were happy..

We did go to a third winery, Pessagno,
but by then we were 'wined' out :-)

The four of us ended the afternoon with a nice
dinner at Luigi's in Gonzales.
It was delicious!

on Friday...
we picked up my Mom 
and drove down to Bakersfield.
My Aunt and Uncle were having a huge garage sale,
and we thought we'd help out
and get a visit in at the same time.

It was a quick trip, but fun to help out.
George was careful not to take home anything :-)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time on a beautiful day. Not much better than good times with friends.

  2. Appears to be delightful weather out there. So, don't you miss these 28 degree mornings in Central PA?

  3. Friends, cheese and lots of wine. Tough life you're living! :c)