Thursday, November 10, 2016

A bit of a hike in the Pinnacles

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

We're close to the middle of November,
and the weather is just beautiful here in CA.
It's been in the high 70's, low 80's,
and a perfect day for a hike.

The day use side of Pinnacles National Park
is just about 11 miles from where we are staying.
It's a great drive up into the Gabilan Mountains,
and through lots of fields of grape vines.

In 2013, the Pinnacles was designated a National Park.
We like that, as we got in free :-)

Since 1908, the Pinnacles has added bits and pieces
of acreage, to be its present size of 26,000 acres.

On the day use side,
there are several trails, both easy and strenuous.
We chose an easier one :-) 

The Pinnacles were formed eons ago,
with upthrust, plate tectonics, 
volcano action,
and lots of geology you can read about here.

There is a lot of color in the rock formations,
but not a lot of green in the hills.

We were really hoping to see some California Condors.
The ranger at the visitor center said no sightings
that he knew of.

Last year we were here with our friends,
and saw some condors flying above.

We really enjoyed getting out
and clearing our heads after all the election 'stuff'.

Today we're going to do some wine tasting
at the great wineries here
with our friends Greg & Connie.

Oh, we didn't get the job at the RV park
we were hoping to.
He had just hired somebody else :-(


  1. Really sorry you didn't get the job. If you'd only known about it sooner I'm sure he would have hired you guys. Looks like a really lovely hike.

  2. Bummer, that job would have been perfect for you. The park owner doesn't know what a fabulous couple he lost out on. Something else will pop up for you, don't despair!