Monday, October 24, 2016

Some time by the sea

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Yesterday after spending the morning at church with Mom,
George and I decided to take a ride over to Monterey.
The weather was fantastic, sunny and a perfect temperature in the high 60's.

We parked in the lot by fisherman's wharf,
and strolled the wharf watching the boats come in.
There are a lot of whale watching cruises,
and the boats were full of tourists!

I love just standing on the wharf.
It is fun to watch the harbor seals looking for fish
scraps as they are dumped off the fishing boats.

It was a great day for the sailboats too..

As we pulled into the parking lot at the wharf,
someone was getting ready to leave,
and gave us their pass, which still had 4 hours left on it.
How nice was that!?
Since we didn't want to drive out,
we took the free trolley to Cannery Row.

It's just a short ride,
and we got off and strolled Cannery Row.

 It was a pretty busy day there,
lots of tourists from all over the world.

We enjoyed seeing the egrets standing out in the kelp..

 ..and always seagulls :-)

We grabbed lunch at El Torito,
which always has great Mexican food,
with nice views of the bay.

I just love it by the ocean!


  1. You enjoyed 3 of my favorites - seals, sail boats and a free pass. Great stroke of luck from some nice folks.

  2. Free is my favorite four letter word. Nice way to spend the day by the ocean! :c)