Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oh, the trouble we've seen

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Well the good news is we made it out of Amarillo
on Tuesday, September 27th.
We ended up staying an extra week to get all my doctor visits
out of the way.
All the results were fine except that I was diagnosed
with Type II diabetes.
Grrrrr...  ;-(
I'm sure our lifestyle didn't help,
all the eating out we do,
we're not as active as we should be.
Genetics played a part as well.
My Mom and Grandma were both Type II diabetic
later in life, so maybe it was inevitable, who knows.
All I know is it's a wake up call!

George and I left Amarillo early,
and spent the night in a Walmart in Albuquerque.
It was a noisy one, but it did the trick.

The next day we planned on staying at a Flying J
outside of Flagstaff, AZ, but since we got
such an early start from Albuquerque,
George wanted to push on, and we would stay in Barstow, CA.

The scenery was beautiful as we headed west..

Everything was going just fine,
but 60 miles east of Barstow,
on I-40 westbound 
our tire pressure monitoring system
started shrieking an alarm.
I literally had just checked all the pressures
for George, and bam, all of a sudden
the front passenger side tire on the trailer was at 33 psi.
George skillfully pulled to the side of the highway,
barely inside the solid line :-(
A blowout does a lot of damage!

We called Good Sam Roadside,
and 3 hours later, our spare on,
we were on our way again.
Pulling into the Flying J in Barstow at 9:30 pm
is no fun, for sure.
Good thing Denny's was open :-)

The next morning we pulled out bright and early,
and headed for Bakersfield.
My aunt and uncle live there,
and my uncle has some great connections.
He sent us to San Joaquin Tire and Wheel,
where we backed right in,
and got 4 new tires for Harvey.

If you ever need a great place with great service,
we highly recommend this place!

Since we were a day ahead of our destination,
we spent the night at River Run RV park.
We really like staying there when we're in the area.

George and I spent a few hours at my aunt and uncle's house
that night.
It's always nice to see them :-)

Our next adventure was to take the RV to Camping World
in San Martin, CA to get an estimate of the body work.

That took 3 hours as well!
We also had to drive the RV a mile away 
to a metal fabricator to give his estimate because..

Finally we were able to leave and make our way south,
to a new place for us..

It's a lovely place!
All the sites are cement, with a side pad
with a picnic table,
and plenty of space for the truck.
Unfortunately they don't have a job for us here,
but will keep us in mind if something comes up.
Not sure how long we can stay at $972/month!
George may have to get a job at Lowe's :-)

The reason we are here is to help my Mom out some more.
She's doing a lot better, and looks fantastic!
She treated George and me, and my son Adam and his 
girlfriend Jennifer to dinner last night.

I've spent most of today catching up on blogs,
doing laundry,
and figuring out budget numbers.

Today is also our 4th anniversary of full-timing!
I'll be doing a recap of this last year in the next couple of days.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the blowout and diabetes...I decided to try diet and exercise. Did NOT want to get on medication if I could help it. Twenty pounds later, my numbers are within a manageable range...No medication needed. Weight loss will make a BIG difference. I cut out my daily pop, watch my carbs a little, (not severely), and make sure to get regular exercise. I also check my sugar religiously, and take cinnamon and drink water with fresh lemon and Splenda, that really helps...Good luck to you! Love your header photo, too!

  2. Glad you made it to your final destination with no other complications. Bummer about the diabetes. That's my main concern as I get older. We do eat out a lot and weight has always been an issue for me. I always have good intentions but..... oh well ill have to try harder. Knock on wood we've had no issues and we have made it to Kansas. Should be in GA the end of next week. Hope the job comes through. Take care!

  3. Sorry to hear and see about your troubles (challenges). Health issues are no fun (boy do we know) and RV issues even more so. Hope all gets fixed and under control so by your fifth anniversary on the road you can look back and laugh about it. ;c)

  4. Oh my goodness troubles is right. But the good news is you can get rid of the diabetes all by yourself and you are right that it is diet and exercise. I had a friend who had type 2 for 15 years and finally just got sick of it and quit going out to eat, started cutting back on meat and up on veggies and making sure he got 10K steps a day and he was off all meds in less than a year. The blow out is now fun at all as we discovered on our tow dolly earlier this year. It's really hard to know when the tires are too old, we were on the low side of time to replace but we obviously waited too long. Real hit in the wallet to replace them all but safety dictates. Sure hope that's the last of your troubles. People who are staying to help others should get a break from troubles for sure. Congrats on your aninversary!!

  5. So sorry about the blowout. We had a couple flats and thanks to the pressure pro, it was caught before it blew. As for the diabetes, I was also told I have diabetes a couple years ago, (all family members have diabetes) and I didn't have to go on pills till this year. I did a lot better ON the road then off keeping the numbers down. Changing how you eat is a PITA, but it works. kinda. lol I hope your mom does well and you can get on the move again.

  6. Sorry to hear about the blowout. As ya'll know it could have been worse.