Thursday, October 6, 2016

A ride through the produce fields

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

George and I have been enjoying not
having to 'work' this time around.
We're not being lazy, however.
George washed and waxed the truck 
the other day,
and one day we went up to my Mom's
to clean her whole apartment,
and get some things done on her 'honey-do' list.

I walked around and took a few pictures
of this lovely resort..

The view out our back window
The park is pretty empty in the rows behind us,
which is nice...I can see the mountains better.

The hills are brown due to lack of rain :-(

My Mom has let us use her car while we're here.
Yesterday we called her to see if she wanted
to go for a ride with us.
We were in search of some artichokes!

We picked her up and headed to The Farm.

The Farm is a great place to shop for some
beautiful organic produce.
 The fields are filled with colorful pumpkins..

Everything is decorated with fall color.

They have a cute small petting zoo
with rabbits, goats, ducks, and chickens.

We bought a few things, then drove through 
toward Castroville, 'the artichoke capital of the world'.
The Salinas area has just beautiful fields
filled with lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage,
and strawberries.

We stopped at Pezzini farms,
to buy some of their beautiful artichokes.
This field was picked already. 

George was looking for a stray one,
while the workers were tending to the field.

The weather has been just perfect here,
with mid 70's the norm,
bright, sunny skies,
and low humidity.

I'm ready to go over to the beach!


  1. The RV park looks very nice, 😊 enjoy your stay!

  2. What a lovely header picture. Fall for sure. Those views in your park are wonderful. Sounds like perfect weather too. Did George get his choke?

  3. Can't get fresher produce than right from the farm. Hope George's looking got him a missed artichoke.

  4. Sure some nice views and those temps are great. I think you deserve a break.