Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another family illness

Salinas, CA

Last week, around Thursday or Friday
I hadn't heard from my Mom so I
texted my son, Adam to go by and check on her.

Apparently sometime around Friday morning
she had gone into some sort of 'fog',
and was displaying some symptoms of some sort of issue.
My son's girlfriend's mother, Martha (a good friend!),
and our Pastor's wife,
stopped by to check on her as well.
I found out that she had answered the door in the nude
more than one occasion :-(
Her apartment was a shambles,
with garbage everywhere,
and other signs of neglect.
They called me to ask if they had permission
to take her to the ER,
which I responded YES!

Turns out she has, and has had, A-Fib.
Her heart rate was over 160 bpm,
and on top of that she had
Congestive Heart Failure.
Her oxygen level was such that
her brain wasn't functioning properly!
I think she was ignoring the symptoms
of edema, fogginess, and a racing heart :-(

I caught the earliest plane out on Monday!
While she was in the hospital getting better,
I got her apartment in order,
got it organized better,
and visited her in the hospital.

She came home yesterday on new meds.
I still don't think she should be by herself here,
she seems a little foggy still :-)
I plan on getting hold of Meals on Wheels,
to get her eating better as well.

I'll be helping her to get to doctor visits this week,
and seeing if there's more we're going to have to do.

One plus of being here is seeing my son too :-)
We went to lunch the other day..

Poor George got left behind again to continue working.
He's doing much better, however.
today's his birthday!!

Happy birthday, babe!
Be home soon as I can :-)


  1. Wow, just shocking that your mom had all those issues, hopefully the new meds and treatment get her back on track. Caring for an older parent is tough to balance between their wants and their real needs. You're such a wonderful daughter to drop everything when your mom had health issues and go to her aid.

  2. So sorry to hear about the condition of your mom in all ways...

  3. Bless her heart! My dad is going through congestive heart failure as well. His numbers were really high last week so he's back on laxis, which in turn messes with his kidneys. Prayers for your mom!

  4. Happy birthday to George. I hope you find answers for your mom, it's not easy to give parents care they need sometimes.

  5. Goodness what a terrible situation your mom was in. So glad you could get out there to help. Sorry for George though especially on his birthday. Hope things will get better for your mom. It's really hard to help parents who are far away. You gave your beautiful smile to your son.

  6. Wow, thank goodness your son and other friends were able to get her to the ER ASAP. Thinking of you as you help her get things in order. Glad that spending some time with your son is a bright spot during all of this.

  7. We are working through the issues of low oxygen and heart failure with my mother right now. Be sure her oxygen stays above 90% as below that causes permanent short term memory loss!! My mother is on oxygen full-time now and it is very difficult to get her to comply as she just can't learn anything new:o(( Hope your Mom gets everything back to normal. Tough job taking care of parents!!!

  8. Prayers for your mom to continue getting stronger. It sounds like she has a good support network, which has to bring you a little peace. Happy Birthday to George! We hope the rest of your summer is uneventful!!

  9. Seems when it rains, it pours. glad she is making positive progress

  10. Happy birthday to George.

    It's sad to hear you mom is having problems. But I'm happy you had family there to check on her and you were able to fly there quickly. It's so important to be able to fly go home when needed. Thank goodness you were notified. I hope she does better and that you are taking care of yourself too.