Sunday, July 10, 2016

A view from the top

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

One of the perks of working in this area
is the ability to do things we would 
not normally get the chance to do.

Since our friends Joan & Steve work at Crazy Horse,
we were invited to tag along on a tour up to the top!

Along with the four of us were JC & Beverly,

Our guide, Tom, had a lot of interesting facts about
the monument.

It took 50 years to finish Crazy Horse's head.
It was unveiled in 1998.

 We walked out onto what will eventually be his hand.

Turning around, what a view!

I can't remember all the facts and figures,
but you can read about it here.

What a great way to see the monument!

This afternoon I got a call from California.
Seems my Mom has been admitted to the hospital.
She has terrible A-Fib,
and she's been very confused lately,
so they're running some tests.

I'm flying there tomorrow to see what's going on,
while George stays behind to keep working.
Hopefully everything will be fine,
and I'll be back soon!


  1. Hope everything with your mom works out. We'll keep an eye on George for you.

  2. Wow! Awesome tour and pics! Hope your Mom is OK. My Mom also has A-fib. Travel safe.

  3. Great pictures! I see George stills likes to wear "lime green!" But he looks good! Safe travels to see your mama!!

  4. Hope your mom is doing better. We did the tour to the top for part of our training at CSP. Can't wait to get back there (3 weeks and we'll be on our way :) )

  5. Really hope your mom will be fine. David's brother has a-fib and they do a great job of controlling it. Sure would have loved to be on that tour. It's amazing that the work is still going on. I'm glad they are honoring him although I'm not crazy about blasting out and carving the mountains.

  6. Cool! It pays to have friends at the top. (Ha! Ha! See what I did there?) Safe travels, and hope everything goes well for your mom.

  7. Crazy Horse looks like he has a little Italian in him with that nose. ;c)

    Hope you mom recovers well, you being there surly will help her.