Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some more socializing!

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We work for such a great guy!
Last night, despite severe t-storms 
and torrential rain,
he had scheduled a BBQ potluck.
We all brought something to share,
and Jerad provided chicken and kabobs.

Besides us, Marlene and Danny, Gail and Bob,
also in attendance was Jerad's parents,
Mike and Bonnie,
his sister Sonia,
Bonnie's brother Jerry and wife Margaret.
Jerad's daughter Callie is always hanging around too :-)

Margaret, Bonnie, and me

George and Callie

Danny and Bob

Bonnie, Margaret, Jerry, Mike

There was a lot of good food that was shared!
We all had a good time!

Sunday afternoon after we got off work,
we took a ride and ended up at the top
of the Mt. Coolidge lookout.
The views from the top of the 6,023' peak
are incredible!

Today we're taking a ride over to Rapid City again
to pick up some of George's pre-surgery prescriptions.
On the way back we plan on going to Crazy Horse
to explore!


  1. Careful at Crazy Horse, there's a lot of really neat things to buy in the shop there. Ask me how I know... ;c)

  2. That's great that you work for such a nice guy. Makes life so much easier! BBQ potluck - yummy!!