Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Home, and back to 'normal'

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

George got to come home on Sunday!
His surgeon said that he did so well,
he doesn't see any more issues.
He'll have a follow-up appointment
in a couple of weeks.
George is doing pretty well,
and does not have too much residual pain.

We go back to work today,
but George will take it easy,
helping in the office for now.

We've gotten a new batch of babies next to us.
Some cute little ground squirrels (chipmunks)
have appeared out of their little holes.
They've burrowed right next to the
electric pedestal in the site next to us.

They're so cute!

Apparently this part of South Dakota is
'hail country'.
We're experiencing several afternoon thunderstorms.
Some of them bring on some pea to dime sized hail.
It gets a bit scary at times,
but the wind isn't too bad.

A lot of the storms gather over Custer State Park.

Behind us the clouds get some nice shapes..

We can't believe that it's the end of June already!
There are so many things we have on our list to do still.
As George starts to feeling better,
we'll be using our days off to check things off our list!


  1. Tell George to take it easy and not to rush it. It was great seeing you guys.

  2. That has got to be the best pictures I've seen of Chipmunks.

    BTW, just what is "normal" with us RVers?

  3. I'm so glad George is doing so well. Take it easy.

  4. Glad to hear Geotge is mending well. Can't wait to hear what's on your list of things to see and do!

  5. Great news! Glad to hear George is doing so well. Now, the hard part. Keeping him from doing too much! Great pics, too!

  6. So glad George is home with no issues! It's quite a procedure to have to go through, hopefully the total healing won't take long, I know he has a hard time sitting still. ;c)

  7. So very glad to hear that George is doing so well. Nicely done George! Enjoy your time in the office before they send you out to the heavy lifting. Your little neighbors are darling. I too can't believe it is the end of June already. Time sure goes by a lot faster than it did when I was working.

  8. In no time you'll be out checking things off your list. Lots of hit an miss (BIG) hail there. We put up a 10 x 20 awning to back the truck under.

  9. Cute neighbors ya got there. Hope by now George is well on the mend!