Thursday, June 23, 2016

George's second surgery

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We've worked 7 days straight since my last post.
The campground is getting full
with lots of tourists visiting Custer.

Our days were scheduled so that we
could be off to coincide with George's surgery.

Yesterday we got to Rapid City Regional Hospital
at 8 am for George's scheduled surgery at 9:30.
He had the pre-op blood drawn,
got checked in at admissions,
then sent to the pre-op area.

They gave him a lovely purple gown,
and got his IV's all set up.

Then a few nurses came in,
the anesthesiologist,
and finally the surgeon.
He explained how it all would go down.

One thing he told us was that he would be using
the DaVinci Robot to assist in the surgery.
(Picture from the internet)
For some reason they wouldn't let me in to watch! :-)

 The surgery highway was backed up,
so we waited in pre-op until 11 am,
when they finally took George to surgery.
They sent me to the waiting room,
where they have a cool computer monitor.
The volunteer checks you into the waiting room,
gives you a special code number that
is for the patient.
You can then follow the progress on the screen.
It shows where the patient is at any given time,
from pre-op,
to OR, 
to when the procedure actually starts,
to recovery.
I also got a call every hour from the assistant
telling me how George was doing.
Love this hospital!

Finally around 3 pm,
they called and told me George was in recovery,
and in about an hour they would let me know
what room he was going to be in.

The surgeon, Dr. Miller, came down
and told me that everything went fantastic!
He actually removed about 9" of his Sigmoid Colon.
The cut was clean, no issues or abscesses found.
He stitched him back together,
and said the healing should go well.
We were thankful to God that no colostomy bag was needed.
George has 5 small incisions is all!

He was very groggy,
so I stuck around for an hour or so,
then came back home to get some sleep!

I talked to him today,
and he's already eating some soft foods
and is feeling great.
They didn't need a catheter post surgery,
so he's  quite happy about that :-)

He's hoping to get released on Sunday or Monday,
but we'll see how that goes.
I'm going to take a ride over with Marlene
today to help her shop for the campground,
so we'll stop in and see how he's doing!


  1. I'm so glad to hear how George is doing. Thanks for a great post. Technology is great when it works. That's the first surgery I've heard of with robot with someone we know.

  2. Sounds like a terrific hospital with the latest and greatest tech! So happy that George breezed (?) thru it and minimal recovery time seems like a good prediction. Bet you are relieved! :-)

  3. Glad to hear George did well. Praise God!

  4. This is all wonderful news Laurie! So happy that everything went so well. What a great hospital that you could track every step of the process! And George, you look good in purple. Get well soon, and get out of there!!

  5. So glad the surgery went well. Our thoughts and prayers are with George for a speedy recovery.

    Jim and Linda

  6. Great news, hope recovery is speedy.

  7. So glad to hear all went well and George will soon be back to normal. It's a scary surgery procedure but the results will be worth it all. :c)

  8. I know you're both happy to have that over. I'm sure George will be glad to get home.

  9. Amen to a successful surgery...always scary waiting for our husbands to make it back to recovery. Hope the last of anything like this for a very long time!!

  10. Wow Laurel this is great news! Doesn't sound like it could have been any better. Really fantastic. Sounds like a state of the art hospital with all the systems in place for you to know what was going on all the time. Really helps you not to worry. No bag and no catheter, I'll bet George was overjoyed. Here's to easy and quick healing! Hugs to you both.

  11. Thanks for keeping us all updated. And we are thankful all went well. Better days ahead!

  12. We are so happy that George's surgery is finally over & went so well. It sounds like you could use a little rest yourself, Laurie. Tell George to scoot over! We enjoyed our stay with you so much. Really a highlight of our trip west.

  13. Glad to hear everything went well, and that George did not need any special 'bags'! Hope he comes home soon, and gets some well deserved rest.

  14. So glad things went well. Soon things will get back to normal.

  15. Sherri and I are so glad to hear he is doing well

  16. Glad surgery went well. Wishing George a speedy recovery!