Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crazy Horse Memorial

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

Yesterday on our day off we headed to Rapid City
where I got a much needed haircut,
and George picked up his pre-surgery prescriptions.

On the way back home,
we stopped at the Crazy Horse Memorial.
Using our VIP card we got in free!

Since we had been here in 2010,
we were interested in the progress 
that has been made to the memorial.

We walked through the museum and looked 
at some of the exhibits.

We also saw our friends Joan & Steve, and Phil & Rudee,
who were all working yesterday.

The real fun is outside, and the day was beautiful!

There are currently people working on 
the arm and hand of the memorial.

When finished, the arm will be 29.5' long,
and the hand will be 25' tall!

Here's a look at the mountain
in 2010 and 2016..

Not much difference!

We listened to a man playing some native flutes..

..in full view of the memorial..

Do you think the Memorial will ever
be finished in our lifetime?


  1. Great pics! We really enjoyed being there last September!

  2. There has been a lot of progress when you look at your photos 6 years apart. They have removed a lot of the rock from the eye of the horse down to the nose. Will it be done in our lifetime? I don't know. It is such an enormous project, and when you realize Mt. Rushmore fits on the side of his head, it really puts the size of the monument in perspective. You should go there when they have a blast. Love the VIP pass.

  3. I actually doubt it will be finished in our lifetime. I'm glad they are doing it given Mount Rushmore but I really wish no one would carve faces or figures into the mountains.

  4. I think it's going to take several lifetimes. Somebody should have thought about the massive size of this task before they started it. A smaller size would have been easier to complete, but what do I know? ;c)

  5. Glad to see George out and about. I visited the memorial back in 06. Judy and I had hoped to workamp there this year but all the positions were filled. We still hope to get up to that area at some point. PS: not I my lifetime.

  6. Looks like it has hardly changed since we were first there maybe 25 years ago:(

  7. I don't believe so...unless I am really lucky and live a long time...LOL

  8. Ha! I was just thinking the same thing before I read your last line.