Saturday, May 28, 2016


Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

George was really feeling good this morning,
so after lounging around a bit,
we headed off to find some wildlife.

It was a dreary, cloudy, rainy day,
but it didn't stop the animals from entertaining us.

We came across the donkeys first.
There were some cute babies :-)
This one is the only pair we could get a good shot of,
since there were a lot of vehicles around them.

It didn't take long until we came across the buffalo
roaming and grazing..

They're all molting, shedding their winter coats..

Of course, there were a lot of mamas and calves..

There weren't as many people on the roads
as we thought there would be.
However, we caught these two vehicles
in a picture,
and found out shortly thereafter that in the red jeep
was Joan and Deb!

They left their husbands behind to take a wildlife ride as well.

There were a few times we had to wait for
the passing of these big guys..

I never tire of the buffalo!

Our final destination was Rapid City.
I was in desperate need of a pedicure :-)
George was still hanging in there,
so he walked around Walmart while I was getting pretty toes.

Afterwards we got a bite to eat at Pizza Ranch.
It's very good!
We had never heard of this chain restaurant,
but it has a pizza buffet,
along with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies,
and a salad and dessert bar.

George loved the soup and a few pieces of pizza.
His appetite isn't quite back yet,
and he's on a fairly long list of 'can't haves'.

It was nice to get out for the day.
We work again tomorrow from 11-7,
then have Monday and Tuesday off.
If George is feeling up to it,
he has a few household things he needs to do.
Day by day!


  1. You just never know what kind of wildlife you'll see on the Custer loop!It was a great day for wildlife viewing. Glad George is feeling better.

  2. Beautiful area out there. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Next time in Rapid City try the Firehouse Brewing Company, great food and service.

    Mary and I headed back to the Valley this past weekend. My folks are buried across from Wilkes-Barre Wyoming Valley airport on Miscavage and Stites Street. I've always done the memorial day trip. The wx was beautiful but the pesky little gnats are already out in force.

  3. If you want to get a REAL close up of one of those burros, sit in your truck, roll down the window and open a pack of crackers.

    Love Custer. Really glad George feels well enough to do a bit of touring.

  4. Glad George is doing better! We too loved the wild life in SD, especially the buffalo! I took a billion pics! Lol
    I'm enjoying your blog and pics, bringing back lots of memories!

  5. Really glad to hear that George is able to get out and about. Good thing to do a drive, especially a wildlife drive. Really surprised that pizza is on the can have list. That would be lucky for me since I love pizza. It's true about the wild burros. Even without crackers, roll down your windows and they'll stick their heads in. We adopted 2 from the wild years ago. Just loved them and their wonderful ears.

  6. So glad to hear that George is up and about and able to go with you to where the buffalo roam. I love buffalo, too and prefer that name to bison, it sounds more western. We've been surrounded by buffalo heads several times in Custer, they are so interesting to see up close, but boy do they smell bad! :c)

  7. I never get tired of the buffalo either. Those fellas are huge! Glad to hear George is out and about. With all of his food restrictions, how wonderful that pizza is not one of them!