Saturday, April 9, 2016

Down Time

Stonegate RV Park
Okarche, OK

After our last gate ended over a week ago, 
we've been just hanging out here in Okarche.
Occasionally we'll take a ride to see the prairie,
or into Oklahoma City to see some sights.

Last weekend we decided to check out the

On April 19, 1995 at 9:02 am
a truck bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah building.
A memorial has been erected honoring those 168 souls 
who lost their lives that horrible day.

There is a beautiful reflecting pool,
and on either end a simple symbol,
'The Gates of Time',
with one representing the innocence
of the city before the attack...

 and the other the time 'when healing began'..9:03..

Within the footprint of the building 'chairs' have been
erected symbolizing the lives that were lost that day.

One on side of the reflecting pool stands a lone
American Elm tree,
which withstood the full force of the attack.
It stands 'The Survivor Tree'
as a symbol of the resilience of the people.

 This was written on the outside of an adjoining building
by the workers who were searching for survivors.
It is still there today as a tribute to those workers.

The inside of the museum has stories of those who
lost their lives,
as well as the history of that day and those that followed.

It is a very moving place, we highly recommend it.

In other days,
George got busy restringing one of our shades
that finally broke.

He said it was easy :-)

Yesterday we got a call that we have a gate upcoming,
most likely south of here,
so we'll be moving again soon.

We need to get working again!


  1. We spent a few days in OKC last Fall. We have friends there and they gave us the grand tour. I was surprised at how much I liked OKC. It was nothing like I had imagined :)

    Have fun moving. I'm sure it'll be nice to have a gate again and, thankfully, one away from the fire!

  2. I've heard the Oklahoma memorial is very very powerful. So sad. So unnecessary. The poor little children I always think. Glad to hear you got another gate. Looks like George found a kit to use for the restringing. David did 4 of them before we replaced them all with MCDs. He said it wasn't hard just a PIA. HA!

  3. We toured the outside memorial but didn't have time to go into the museum. Another time.

    We were hoping not to have those dang shades again.....but here they are! It gives me hope reading that they are not that difficult to fix.

  4. My niece was born a few hours before the bomb went off, so April 19th has always been a day of mixed emotions for me. I would love to visit the memorial, although seeing the names of the babies that died that morning would be very difficult.

    We hope you get a good gate for your next assignment!