Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A visit to OKC...moooo!

Stonegate RV Park
Okarche, OK

George and I have just finished two short-lived gates,
sharing them both with two other couples.
We just got an e-mail from our boss
telling everyone that things have slowed down,
but it's only 'temporary'.
We have no choice but to go ahead and hang tight,
hoping for a few crumbs.
Our job in Custer won't start until mid May,
and not too much of a chance to get a paying job
between now and then.

Here's a cool aerial picture of our last gate:

When the crew is all finished, you would never recognize
the area where they were.
The reseed the land (or replant what was growing there),
and all that is visible are a few pipes.
Even the cattle are back grazing there :-)

Yesterday we took a ride into Oklahoma City via Route 66.

We really didn't have any destination in mind,
although I did some research of places to go.
Lots of museums, a horse track, some lakes,
and the stockyards.

To start, we put the stockyards in our GPS.
We figured, hey it's free, and we might want to save
money to spend a bit on lunch :-)

Route 66 goes through some small towns,
Yukon (home of Garth Brooks!),
Bethany (home of Shannon Lucid!),
and Warr Acres (C.B. Warr!).
Each town has something on their sign to tout who's lived there.

We followed our noses just fine to Stockyards City.
George found a free parking lot within walking distance 
of downtown and the stockyards themselves.

First we took a look at Main Street and the old buildings..

George remembered this sign, :-)

Before we walked over to see some cattle,
we wanted to try out Cattlemen's Restaurant.
Not sure I would've wanted a steak after seeing cattle in the stockyard :-)

We decided to sit on the Cafe side, which turns out to be 
the original side of the restaurant.

It's a pretty cool place,
and the prices weren't too bad.

George ordered a chopped sirloin steak,
and I had a luncheon portion of a steak.
Both were just wonderful!
I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone..

We also shared a local beer which was great..

After we were quite full,
we walked through the local department store, Langston's,
which is a 'must' according to the internet.
I couldn't believe all the boots, hats, and other western wear.

We then walked over to see some cattle.

It's pretty cool as you can see the buying pens,
as well as the selling pens.

Sellers bring their prized cattle,
where they're put into pens by lots.
Buyers are there at the auction
and then bid on the lots,
where they're then shipped back to their ranches.
Or at least we think it's how it works :-)

Regular people like us can watch the auction,
see the cattle in their pens,
and just watch the whole process.
We were lucky that the auctions are held on Monday.

The cowboys herd the lots into the arena..

Then the auctioneer starts the process.

It was fun to watch, but George was gagging from the smell :-)

The heifers and bulls are kinda cute!

Lots of cattle trucks waiting to be loaded up.

It was a pretty cool day!

On the way home I had to get a picture
of one of the other things we see a lot of in Oklahoma..

Lots of grain mills and silos!


  1. I'm very impressed that your stomachs were strong enough to overcome those smells and eat! I couldn't do it, I'm a wimp! :cD

  2. Sorry to hear the gate business isn't as lucrative as I thought it would be. Hope they come up with something more for you. But glad you can get out and see the sights such as they are. I'm afraid I might never have gotten out of that western boots store. I love my boots.

  3. Sorry the work isn't there for you. I've heard the gate jobs are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Same thing holds true for the security work we were doing. There really just isn't the work, and it's not even oilfield-related. Dave's working in the community and I'm fortunate to have work as a virtual assistant, so we're hanging in. Hope you land a short-term gig until your job at Custer starts. If not, well, enjoy the down time!

  4. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a great place to visit too and OKC Memorial. Too cold to do much outside right now! Ted's is our favorite Mexican food of any we've had. New one on I-40 by the Outlet Mall... just past Yukon going East. Hope you get a gate soon.

  5. I grew up on a farm but still the smell of the stockyards takes some getting use too:)