Friday, February 5, 2016

Two weeks under our belt

Doyle RV Park
Doyle, OK

We've completed two weeks on a gate,
and life is good :-)

As I wrote about previously,
there are 3 couples sharing 2 gates 
at the moment.
The gate (or well pad) that we have been
sharing with Wes & Mary Lou
finished up the fracking process
and released us on Tuesday.
The other gate (or well pad) has approximately
10 more days until it's finished.
George is sharing that gate with Lori & John.

Wes got a call today and they're moving north
to another gate for a few weeks.
In the meantime we sit and wait 
for another well pad to begin.

We have one paycheck about to be deposited,
$3200 for two weeks isn't too shabby :-)
We even got paid for the couple days we trained.
We do pay for our RV site, $100 per week, electricity included.
Hopefully another gate will open soon!

We went out to dinner last night with Wes & Mary Lou,
to a little Italian place called Giuseppis.
Of course George had spaghetti,
and I had chicken parm.

We know what we like!

We're so glad our days off coincided,
and we were able to go out before they left today!

I'm sure they'll be back down here in a few weeks.
The industry has you moving a lot to fulfill their needs.

So far so good!


  1. Not a bad payday at all. And only $100. a week for a site is really a deal. Good for you.

  2. Really glad you are liking this so far. Those are tough hours but great pay.

  3. Really glad you are liking this so far. Those are tough hours but great pay.

  4. How's that pink Porta Potty working out? I can just imagine the comments from the guys. ;c)

  5. The pay seems great and not too expensive for your site. No wonder you chose that job.

  6. Wow great pay, sounds better than Amz. Did you have the chicken parm because of Payton Manning?

  7. Nice paycheck! And glad to hear George got a pasta fix. :)