Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another gate down

Watonga Motel & RV Park
Watonga, OK

Yesterday we got the word that the gate we were on 
would finish up early evening.
It's fun watching them pull all the equipment out,
taking it to the next location.
Some of it is just amazing!
At this location there were 8
sand 'castles', or towers.
Trucks bring sand to fill them up
to use in the fracking process.
The towers have wheels on them, 
so that they just pull them down
using hydraulics,
a tractor backs up, hooks up, and takes off.

It gets very busy during this ramp down process.

The other couple that was with us in Foster, Lori & John,
are up here now as well, waiting for a gate.
The four of us had dinner together at a local place
called 'End O' Main'.
The restaurant is at the end of Main street :-)
It was pretty expensive for a local place,
and the food wasn't worth the price,
but we had a good time getting to know them better.

Now we all sit and wait again for something to open up.
Friday we'll be heading down to Houston, sans RV, 
to attend Bill's memorial service.
Our boss, Mike, is thankfully working around that trip.
We'll come back Sunday sometime.

We can't believe how lucky we've been
with the weather this winter.
Yesterday was 80 degrees!
After work I had shorts and flip flops on,
woo hoo!

Oh, and we know our summer plans now as well.
We got a job working at a private campground
in Custer, SD.
George and I met a lady at Amazon who
manages it every summer.
She hired us basically on the spot!
The campground is called 
New owners have taken it over and 
it will be called Buffalo Ridge Campground
or something like that. :-)
We're excited to be able to be in Custer
and do some exploring.
We took a trip there before RVing
and really love the area!
The best part is we get pay plus our site.
More details to follow..


  1. Sounds like a great summer spot. There is a lot to see around Custer. Don't want to put you guys out of a job but I worry about the fracking in Oklahoma, well and everywhere. It really seems to cause seismic and water problems problems.

  2. Like Sherry, I'm not too keen on fracking, but glad to hear things are working out well for you. I'f we make it up by Custer, we'll have to see about staying at Buffalo Ridge.

  3. Love Custer! What a great place to spend the summer.

  4. We were in Custer last summer, when they announced that the Flintstones site had been sold. This is good for the area, as it was looking pretty out-of-date.

  5. Excuse my fat fingers, causing me to delete my first comment.

    We love Custer, you'll enjoy the summer there. Good thing they have winter weather or you might never leave!

  6. Safe travels on your trip to Houston. Looking forward to hearing more about your job in Custer!

  7. We'll be just down the road at the state park in Aug. and Sept. You'll love the area. See you this summer.