Saturday, February 13, 2016

A little upgrading

Doyle RV Park
Doyle, OK

We're still without a gate, so this paycheck won't be
as healthy as last one's :-(
In the meantime we've been hanging out,
and taking drives around the area.

George calls Verizon and Direct TV once in awhile,
to find out what they can do for us :-)
We're still good with Verizon,
and keep adding data to our plan
with a minimum of dollars.
We currently have 18gb,
since we have no 'free' wifi here.
When we drive into Duncan we take advantage
of any free wifi at restaurants, Walmart, etc.,
to update our phones.
We've even taken our computers to Subway,
which has excellent wifi to update them.

Yesterday Direct TV came out and upgraded our older receivers.
George had called them a month ago to find out if we were eligible,
but they said, nope.
Funny thing was we got an email saying we were.
He called again, got another person, and got the same answer.
Wednesday he called again and magically we were eligible.
Pays to be persistent :-)

Two guys came yesterday and 'installed' the Genie in the living room,
and the Genie Mini in the bedroom.
Well, basically he plugged them in and set them up.
We did pay a $49 installation fee, geez.

The downside was we gave up our old receiver
which had over 25 movies saved from free HBO weekends.
There is no way to save them!
(Trust me, we asked, we googled, and nothing)
We could have kept the old receiver,
but decided having all new equipment was a better option.

Although Wes & Mary Lou had gone north for a gate,
they came down after their's closed
to have dinner with Lori, John, George and me.
So last night, we all went to the only good restaurant nearby :-)

They are going on a cruise to celebrate their 50th anniversary,
while the rest of us hold down the fort so-to-speak.
We're all keeping our fingers crossed for some action soon!


  1. Great about the upgrade, but that sucks about losing all your recorded movies. We would have the same problem if we ever upgraded. I think we would have to have like a "monster movie month" and basically do nothing but watch everything saved on the dvr. lol :)

    Hope you get some movement on the gate front soon!

  2. I hope you get another gate so you can get more of those big paychecks. We gave up our beloved Tivo last year and went with Genie because we finally relented and got HD tv's and our Tivo was too old and didn't "do" HD. We like the genie a LOT but not quite as much as Tivo. I think with Directv, you just have to keep calling until you get the answer you want. :)

  3. Hope you get a gate soon. We love our genies, bedroom and living room. We have several movies to watch. Once I get home from rehab we'll have something to watch.

  4. Hope you get a gate soon. We love our genies, bedroom and living room. We have several movies to watch. Once I get home from rehab we'll have something to watch.

  5. Boy me too. I sure hope you get a gate. Not much benefit in hanging around if you aren't getting paid. I guess we'd better harass Verizon for a better deal although I have unlimited data on my phone so, although I know they'd like me to, I'm not about to give that up.

  6. Always pays to be persistent. Or so I'm told.

  7. When we had Direct TV, we could never get a straight answer from them!

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  9. We are feeling a bit lonely down here. The wind blows right through the park now with no one to block. Just when we were finally getting back to something called normal, you run off. Thus is the vagabond in all of us! Stay busy...see you soon!

  10. Good luck with getting a gate soon. Looks like a fun evening out with friends.

  11. Good on you to get an upgrade from DirecTV. I just had a big battle with them when they for no reason turned off my service. Took three days, six calls to them and about four hours on hold to get it turned back on. They had no explanation as to why it happened and why I kept getting disconnected from them after waiting on hold listening to their "Please hold for the next available representative".

  12. How frustrating to get multiple answers from Direct TV. Glad you finally got the one you wanted.