Friday, January 29, 2016

Birthday fun!

Doyle RV Park
Doyle, OK

We've been here two weeks already! 
Sunday we actually turn in our first time sheet,
and a week later money magically appears in our account :-)
For the next 3 days we'll both be working the same gate,
but two different shifts. 
George will go in midnight to noon,
and then I'll go in noon to midnight.
Wes and Mary Lou are going away for the weekend,
so we're taking their shifts.
Our shared gate will be ending soon,
then we will wait for another well to be started.
Hopefully there won't be too much down time.

Today we had a day off,
and it was great, as it was my birthday!
George let me choose what to do,
so I did a bit of research for something to do.

We took a drive about 50 miles west to the town of Lawton, OK.
I found a museum there that sounded interesting.
Not knowing a lot about Oklahoma,
I thought it would be a good start.
but packed full of information.
We were greeted by this huge metal bison sculpture at the entrance.

The inside is chock full of Oklahoma history..

There is a small theater with an exhibit about 'Terrible Tuesday'.
On April 10, 1979 an F3 tornado hit Lawton and did much devastation.
The theater is set up much like a cellar,
and there are flashing lights and loud thunder and wind noises
to give you the experience.
Along with that are first hand accounts from survivors,
and footage from the news that day.
It's a bit scary :-)

Another display is of famous Oklahoma natives..


and cattle roping :-)

Outside was a replica of a trading post, and train station..

We both really enjoyed the museum,
and thought that the $9 senior admission was worth it!

Afterwards we went out for a late lunch
to Olive Garden.
Of course George told our server it was my birthday.
After checking my ID (ha!), she told me I got dessert for free!

It was a very nice day.
Now back to our gate :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had the day off. That sounded like a fun way to spend it.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have many, many more!!

    Jim and Linda

  3. I do hope you get up to Oklahoma City. The Memorial is not to be missed. Also the Cowboy Hall of Fame....I think that's what it's called.

  4. Happy Birthday! I lived four years in OKC. It is a very interesting state.

  5. Happy Birthday. Hope you don't have to wait to long for another gate.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Hope life continues to treat you both well:o))

  7. Happy Birthday Laurel! It's always great when you get to plan your own day. I think being in a theater is the best way to experience a tornado. Hope you'll have time to get to the Tall Grass Prairie in Oklahoma. I think Fall is the best time but I'm not sure.