Monday, January 11, 2016

Almost time for our next gig!

Escapees Rainbows End
Livingston, TX

The two weeks here in Texas have flown by as usual.
I had a very nice visit with my new doctor.
My insurance changed from a PPO to an HMO,
which meant picking a doctor in Texas,
more conveniently, Livingston.
George came with me for my visit with her.
I had blood work done,
and the next day the doctor called me herself 
with the results.
Everything looks great,
so I'm good for another year :-)

We've also spent some time down in Houston
with Bill & Connie.
We had a nice lunch there,
then drove over to George's niece's house for a visit.
It was nice to see them again!
Bill drove us back to their house where we had a nice
dinner before heading back to the campground.

Our plans are set for our new gate guarding job.
On Thursday we'll be heading to Foster, OK,
where we'll sit for a few days and be training
under our friends Wes & Marylou.
We will be in a very small RV park for now.
There have been lots of parks 'thrown up'
for the frackers and drillers in the area.
Full hook ups, no frills, works for us :-)

We had to purchase flame retardant jeans and shirt,
steel toed boots and hard hat.
Fetching, no? :-)

After we get settled, I'll let you more about the job.

We're looking forward to padding our bank account more!


  1. I know you won't have a lot of free time, but... West of Foster in the town of Marlow is a great Italian restaurant - Giuseppe's. The restaurant was built in an old bank and located on Main Street. The times we've been there the food was worth the drive. There is a Chickasaw Heritage Center in Sulphur, southeast of Foster that is interesting.

  2. Health is everything. So glad your doctor visit went perfectly. You look mighty chic in your new outfit. Love your hat! Pink is perfect! Hope the job turns out to be one you like and the winter is mild.

  3. Good the pink hat...keep us posted!

  4. We love Oklahoma. But after too many tornado scares in the Spring I decided never again that time of the year. So, it's been October since. But! being in Texas and Louisiana isn't much different lately is it? Enjoy the new gig.

  5. You've started a new style trend for gate guards! Pink hard hat, you'll be remembered by everyone who goes through your gate. :c)

  6. You seem to have a good balance in the type of jobs you take. Getting a real taste of America!

  7. I am thinking George chose another color for his hardhat, so you don't get them mixed up.