Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Livingston, TX

Escapees Rainbows End
Livingston, TX

We finally made it to our spot for a couple weeks
in Texas.

After we left Jacksonville at Flamingo Lake RV Park,
we were driving right into the edge of the big storm.
I kept an eye on the radar and weather reports.
We decided when we got to Tallahassee we'd 
decide if we would stick it out, or trudge on.
When we saw the tornado watch on the phone,
that made our decision for us.
George parked Harvey in the Flying J,
and we had a late lunch in Denny's.

We figured if anything, we'd be safe once the semis parked around us!
The rain came pouring down around 12:30 that night.
By morning the weather wasn't as bad, so we headed west.

Our next stop was a Camping World in Hammond, LA.
We were told that they had great sites with electric hookups.
We had pulled in kind of early, around 1:30,
and was told that we couldn't stay in the sites!
In the meantime we decided to look around at the new RVs,
but didn't buy :-)
At around closing, we asked again if it was ok to stay,
and since there were a few open,
they said sure :-)

This morning we took off around 7 am,
and made the rest of the trip to Livingston.
Route 10 is still as bumpy as before,
and the bridge over the Lake Charles waterway 
still looks like it's going to launch you into the sky!

One of the reasons we needed to stay in Texas
for a few weeks was to
a) Get our annual inspection
b) Get my annual inspection :-)

We pulled into the Soda Auto Repair
around 12:45,
and at 12:55 and $14.00 we were inspected...
Harvey & Truck, not me!

My Obamacare plan is now an HMO, so I had to pick a doctor
here in Texas, so on the 5th I'll get my inspection out of the way.

While we're here we'll be spending time with George's brother Bill,
and his wife Connie.
It's been a year since we last saw them.

This is our spot in Rainbow's End.

It's nice to have a few weeks to relax,
and get some things taken care of.


  1. Sounds like a good decision to stay over and miss the storm. I know your inspection will go as well as Harvey's. Health is the most important part of full timing.

  2. One of the reasons we like having an in motion satellite dish in our Journey, we tune in to the weather channel and can watch the weather that's in front of us and make decisions on routes to take around storms.

    Have a good time in Texas, enjoy the downtime and hope you cool off your feet from all that Amazon walking! ;c)

  3. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Now take a break and have a Happy New Year!!

  4. Ouch on having an HMO. How does it work when out of the area? Wasn't that why you changed domicile?

  5. We also got pushed into an HMO this year, my first ever experience with one. I'm hoping it won't be a disaster. That bridge in Lake Charles is crazy, isn't it. At least Dave got to look around; I was driving and just kept my eyes on the road. Good luck with the inspections! If you get down to College Station/Bryan, we're at Aggieland RV Park for the foreseeable future. Happy New Year!