Friday, December 18, 2015

Less than a week to go!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

That light is getting brighter in the tunnel!

We were really hoping that we were going to get released early
(on good behavior!).
It's looking like we'll be here until our
 shift's ending date of the 23rd.
Typically they have us work 1/2 day on the last day,
but we're not hearing anything about that yet.
It would be helpful, as we can get on the road right after we get home,
and get halfway to Charleston and not have to pull in
to James Island on Christmas Day.

I had George pull out the Christmas decorations,
to get me in the spirit.

We got an update from the gentleman today that hired us 
for our next job gate guarding.
They're planning on 24 new gates in January alone,
so we'll be kept busy!
George and I are looking forward to this new venture
and getting some more funds in our account :-)

After Charleston, we will be heading to Livingston, TX
to get some doctor appointments and RV inspection.
My health insurance through Obamacare has changed to an HMO.
Of course with that I had to pick a doctor.
I found what looks to be a nice doctor with good reviews
right in Livingston, so an appointment was made.

We'll take Harvey to the same place we got him inspected
last year at this time.
We already paid our registration, and for the truck and RV 
was only $196.00.
The inspection only needs to get done when you are next in TX,
and it's not a big deal.

Next blog we should be in James Island County Park!


  1. Was this a particularly busy year for Amazon that they can't let you o until the 23rd? That's only 5 days from now so safe travels to James Island.

  2. Based on our experience this year, it must be crazy at work there! We really enjoyed our time at James Island County Park some years ago.

  3. Good to know GG is picking up somewhere. We keep hearing the oil fields in TX are pretty slim pickings. Hope you enjoy that new adventure. Is it at a shack or from your RV?

    1. Actually in a shack, so that will be less wear and tear on RV.

  4. Congrats on your survival at Amazon. Thanks for all your hard work, all our orders got here in plenty of time! :c)

    Merry Christmas, hope to see you in the New Year!

  5. Congrats on your near completion at Amazon. Have you considered working at one of the new centers in Florida? I hear a lot about people working there, but always up north and I know they recently opened a few fufillment centers nearby. I would think those would be extremely popular. Enjoy your time off and safe travels.