Monday, December 28, 2015

Charleston, Part 2

Flamingo Lake RV Resort
Jacksonville, FL

Last night we camped at Flamingo Lake RV Resort.
We had planned on spending the night in Camping World
 in Jacksonville, but they didn't allow it.
The RV park did offer a Good Sam discount, so it was only $52, yikes!

But, I wanted to finish posting about Charleston.
Saturday morning we got up bright and early and drove
over the the dock and Mom's ship.
The passengers were disembarking and all going their separate ways.
The last excursion, however, was a guided city tour,
and we were able to join them!

We boarded a small bus, and got a narrated tour
of Charleston's oldtown.

The historical buildings show all of the charm of the city.

We stopped at the Charleston Museum,
the oldest in the country!
The tour allowed for a half hour,
which wasn't near enough.

There were exhibits with Low Country history,
and when the city was under siege.
A few pictures don't do it justice..

There was some great rot iron work on display.
A gentleman by the name of Philip Simmons was
a master iron worker.
He did wonderful work and was renowned all over Charleston.

 There was another whole room with cases upon cases of silver.

Military uniforms from the Revolution to the present.

The front of the museum had the H.L. Hunley replica on display.
It was the first American submarine in history to sink an enemy ship.

 Later in the afternoon, we helped Mom get some things shipped home.
She's staying at the Hilton for another night or two until the weather clears
and she can fly back to California.

We then drove back into town and hopped the free 'DASH' trolley.
It was a bit bumpy, and we couldn't see much :-)

One place I wanted to see while we were there,
was a dessert shop called Kaminsky's.
I happened to see it featured on a Food Network show
called 'Sinful Sweets'..
and couldn't pass it up!

I had a yummy Bourbon Pecan Pie,
and George had a Red Velvet Cake.

The portions were huge!
Mom opted out of dessert, but had a coffee laced with Kahlua instead :-)

We were all tired by then, so we took Mom back to her hotel
and with hugs
wished her safe travels.

There's a little P.S. to this story...

Mom's flight for today (Monday) was cancelled,
she's rebooked for tomorrow afternoon and will be home
in California tomorrow night.

We took off from Jacksonville,
hoping to make it to Pensacola for the night.
The current weather status has us
hunkered down in the Flying J in Tallahassee.

We'll still make it to Livingston, TX by Wednesday,
so no worries!

'Tis always an adventure!!!


  1. We have been thinking of you guys all day! Hope the weather settles down for the rest of your trip!!

  2. Tis' always an adventure is SO true! Looks like a wonderful tour and those desserts, OH MY! Hope you have more safe travels and no more $52 wallet killing campsites.

  3. If there were no adventures, travel would be boring! Safe travels to "sunny" TX. I hear they're going to have a record blizzard... :cO

  4. Been to SC many times....driving through! Thinking it's time to actually visit. Perhaps this year? If not maybe next? Hope you made it to Livingston today.