Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

What a week!
Of course black Friday and cyber Monday
were included in this last work cycle.
All hands on deck is the norm.
This year they started 11 hour days,
which meant we had to change our schedule from 6:30 am to 5 pm
to 6 am to 5:30 pm.
We did one 11 hour day on black Friday,
but on Saturday there were several times where 
we actually had to stop picking because 
the packers couldn't keep up.
Because of that we decided to take it day by day,
so the next 2 days we left at 4:30.
We weren't the only ones :-)
By cyber Monday they were offering a $5 gift card
if anyone would stay the extra hour...
I don't think so :-)

The end of the day we all look like zombies...

George got moved to the catwalk.
He stands and watches totes go by on the conveyor,
from 30' up!
He's there in case they jam up, and he can take care of it.
It's a boring job he says, and he almost dozes off :-)

We are so ready to get out of here.
We won't know our release date for a few more weeks,
but we're hoping it is earlier than the 23rd.

We have made reservations at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC.
My Mom will be arriving there on the 26th 
after being on a cruise from Jacksonville. 
Due to the holiday period, we had to make the reservations,
from the 21st to the 27th.
No other times!
We may get there a couple days late, but definitely
will be able to enjoy the
George and I are excited to be able to see that,
and to spend some time with Mom.

Can't wait!!


  1. We made it through five 11s!! We were tired but I just keep myself moving along and think about the bank account - and only three more weeks!!! :) We are ready for the end!

  2. As you may know now....we left! We get to be with 3 of our 5 children during Christmas so...not enough 'fun' at Amazon to sway us. Ship-dock more than helped us with an early exit. No regrets. See you two on the road :)

  3. Sorry that you're so worn out. We'll give you a break and shop in some physical stores instead of Amazon, we can't afford to lose you as our friends from overwork!

  4. I just laughed out loud at your title. I know I would have been an amazombie after the first two days. You guys are amazing. Hope you have less than three weeks left and never have to return. Chin up!

  5. This will just make the rest of the year that much sweeter.

  6. Sounds like you will both be in need of relaxation when you leave. What a nice place to spend Christmas and being able to spend time with your mother how special.

    Celebrating the Dance

  7. Hope the time goes fast. Christmas will be here soon.

  8. I think we are all ready for the end. We had a lot of OT in the beginning over at inbound, its nice to slow up a bit now :-). Keep busy over in outbound so they don't need to "borrow" us lol.