Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not all work, no play!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Time is flying by, 5 weeks and change left!
Both of us have concurred that this will be our last
time working at Amazon.
This year has been tough on our bodies.
My feet hurt the last part of the day,
even switching shoes at lunch.
It takes a couple of days for my swollen feet
to recover, then it's back to work again.
George's back is bothering him.
We're too old for this stuff!

We've decided to take the gate guard position,
starting mid-January in Oklahoma.
Our friends Wes & Mary Lou are working there now,
and thought of us as potential workers.
They've told us everything there is to know about it,
the good and bad :-)
We've talked to their boss,
and he's welcomed us on board!
It won't be a piece of cake,
as it's a 24 hour, 7 day a week job,
with us covering 2 separate shifts..
which means we'll see each other coming and going :-)
because of that, we'll get double the income.
That will help us to pay off the RV,
get that truck repair paid off,
and get some extra padding in our savings account again,
with no pain!
We plan on working through the end of April,
but depending how things are going,
we may stay a bit longer.
By then we'll need a break I'm sure!

Our days off here (sometimes only 2!)
are usually spent doing laundry,
and just relaxing.
Last week we decided to have some play time.
We took a ride to White Moon Winery.
There are a lot of bourbon distilleries in the area,
but wine tasting is our preference.

We were the only ones there,
and the owner, Alex Payne (no relation to Howard & Linda, we asked!),
gave us a great tasting line up,
and a tour of her winery.

There was a nice view of the countryside from the tasting room windows.

They do grow some of their own grapes,
but a lot of the 'juice' they buy from California.
That's why it's so good! :-)

We really enjoyed being treated so nicely by Alex.
Our 6 bottles of wine showed our appreciation!

We're spending our 3 days off doing chores, grocery shopping,
and resting up.
Starting next week it's mandatory overtime,
then Black Friday and Cyber Monday start PEAK.
It'll be crazy, but the bank account loves it :-)


  1. I could not even begin to work those Amazon hours, let alone the work itself. We did not gate guard this year. So few positions were available. Lots of people who work on a regular basis were hurting for jobs. We decided we didn't need to do it. However, it appears things have picked up and we are considering doing it next year. We don't have anything firm on the schedule from late February to mid April. That will be about long enough for us! I admire your adhering to your commitment to Amazon for this year.

  2. Another couple, Lynette and Gregg are gate keepers (RV-Dreams couple). They've been doing it a long time. You're right there's up's and down's but at least you're not on your feet. I hope someday we'll see you again. At least you'll be out of the real cold during the winter months. Good luck.

  3. Was scheduled to go there this season, but had to pull out. Would like to know if you walk or drive to the center from Heartland. Looks on the map to be close enough to walk, but would assume based on your milage per day, that the short ride home to the campground might be needed.

  4. Good luck with the gate job, hopefully you survive Amazon and are able to get there with your tootsies still intact! You have to check out the gate guard forum at My Old RV.

  5. Wow 5 more weeks and your feet are swelling. Sounds terrible. I don't blame you a bit for hanging up the Amazon thing in favor of something less physically taxing. Amazon should gift every employee with one of those foot spa machines and a foot massage.

  6. The concrete is a foot killer. We are glad we did not go back to SDF1 this year, but will consider it for next year with all the changes. Congrats on the new job, looking forward to reading your blogs with the details. Put some bio-freeze on your feet, and George's back. It comes in a roll on container (looks like a deodorant). That may help. 5 weeks will go fast!

  7. Hope your time goes fast at Amazon. Good luck with the gate job. It will be interesting to hear how it goes.