Saturday, October 17, 2015

Like Rats in a Maze

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

We continue to trudge along, just finishing week 3.
It helps to enumerate the weeks,
helps us to keep our eyes on the prize :-)

Our job picking is so much different from last year.
Obviously the walking vs. standing in one place,
but we get to see so much more of the products
people are buying.
We are still in awe of the things people buy online :-)

Right now it is not as busy.
The building itself is undergoing some major changes,
with a 3 year transition to all apparel.
There are a lot of empty bins,
and product is scattered everywhere.

Because the product is scattered between 3 different
parts of the building, our picking is too!
This creates a lot of walking, 53 miles for me last week!
We sometimes feel like we're in one of those mazes
that the scientists make mice or rats run through.

The powers that be are looking down on us laughing hysterically
as we try to make our way through the maze of bins
looking for the right ones.

Not all days are work, however.
We've gotten together with fellow Amazonians
for a little social time..

Yesterday we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant
with Neil & Nancy.
They started last week, Nancy is in Packing, and Neil on the shipping dock.

The weather is going to trend colder now,
so George got our water line ready for freezing temps..

It's nice to have the 3 days off,
tomorrow it's back to work.
We sure appreciate having the 3 days for now,
it won't be long and it will whittle down to 2!


  1. Have fun picking. We preferred that over standing all day in one spot or stowing.

  2. I agree with Dave and Maxine, walking is MUCH better than standing. Just think, you are getting in your 10,000 steps per day almost and getting paid for it.

  3. Do you ever find cheese after running around in that maze? :cD

  4. I am surprised hat your FitBit can keep track of all those steps.

  5. Good thing you and George are youngins. Us old seniors could not handle the work.

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  7. Oops! I often sing "the Pickers on the floor go round and round", "the stowers on the floor get in our way, in our way"! All day long. 9 weeks to go! It will be well worth it!

  8. Glad to hear this update from you. Making money for walking isn't all bad but boy the concrete floors would get to my back I'm afraid. What kind of shoes are most popular there? I would expect Amazon workers would know the very most comfortable.