Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

It's been a long week of work.
Thursday was our first mandatory overtime day,
and we both were exhausted at the end.
The mileage has gone up, 55.94 miles in 5 days, whew!
I've lost 10# in the one month span, woohoo!

We are so glad that this should be the end of picking
Halloween costumes.
The kids ones are sort of cute, 
but the 'adult' ones...
(we wonder if some of these 'adult costumes' 
are really for Halloween?) :-)

Last night we went to Garcia's for a great time and good food
with our friends Kathy & Martin.
It was a marathon laugh and talk fest,
we were there 3 hours before we knew it!

A few blog posts ago we had mentioned a
possible new workamping gig in the San Antonio area.
In the meantime they've had management problems there,
so we've decided that probably isn't a good sign.
We've continued to do research on other areas of Texas
or surrounding states for paying jobs after Amazon.

One job we've been doing a lot of research on is gate guarding.
George (or I really) weren't too sure we'd like
sitting on a dirt road (or muddy one!) near the border.
We weren't even sure that there would be anything available
due to the price of oil, and winter time popularity of the job.

Some fellow workamping friends of ours are doing a
non-traditional gate guard job in Oklahoma.
This job is different because you actually are in an RV park, 
but commute to a guard shack at the drilling site.
We would actually be working 2 separate 12 hour shifts,
so double the income :-)
There are times when we are in the same guard shack,
and sometimes in 2 separate ones,
but it all works out.

We are still in the research phase, but we could earn
triple the money in the same period of time as Amazon,
without the physical labor.

More to come... 



  1. It sure will be interesting to see what you guys end up doing next! :) Only about seven and a half weeks left here! Woot woot! I'm starting to transition into "look toward the end" mode. haha

  2. Happy Halloween! Glad you were able to get some overtim. After Halloween comes 'ugly' sweaters, big coats and mittens.

    1. I hadn't thought of an Amazon packer, that won't be pretty!

  3. I find it ironic that we are here in the same place at the same time and rarely get to visit! Fourth hours was hard on us this week...hoping to have one more three day weekend before the big rush.

  4. It can be really cold in Oklahoma especially in January!

  5. I didn't order any of those kooky adult costumes, honest! I'm scary enough just by my little old self... :cD

  6. WOW that's 10 miles a day. Serious hiking and on concrete. I don't blame you for looking into something else with more money and less exertion. Although I'm sure the walking is actually very good for your health.

  7. Keep researching gate guard positions. I did it by myself for 4 months. It's a great way to earn $$$. It would have been a lot better if I had been part of a couple.