Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to head out!

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Today was our last day of work at this campground.
It's time to find a new backyard :-)

When I last posted, I told you about my unfortunate kidney stone,
I haven't had any issues at all since then.

George and I have been walking to prepare more for Amazon,
and to visit the neighboring cows..

We visited the local Truck Stop Cafe for breakfast on Monday.
It's been our favorite place to eat,
and they've treated us like family when we're there.
They have been encouraging George to eat one of their huge cinnamon rolls.
They are SO good!
The owner, Bert, told George if he finished one in a sitting,
he would pay for it.
Well, Monday was his last opportunity to do so.
Of course, George wasn't happy unless he had bacon and eggs too :-)

He surprised us all by finishing the whole thing!

Tomorrow we'll head out by 10 am.
We plan on a few Walmart stays,
but on Saturday we will be in the little town of Gratiot, WI.
I made a reservation at a place called Backyard Campground.
It's very close to Mike & Terri who are staying at Lake Le-Aqua-Na.
Unfortunately we couldn't get a reservation there for just one night.
George and I are anxious to spend the day with them, so that will be fun!
Next we'll continue on to Ohio
to visit our friends Greg & Connie for a week.

After that it's Pennsylvania for 2 weeks, then Amazon!


  1. We ate at the college tonight, and I thought of you guys!! :)

    Safe travels, and enjoy your downtime!! See you soon!

  2. Did George go on a 'sugar crash' after that roll?! Safe travels to you! We roll out on Sunday morning....can't wait!

  3. God bless your travels! Give Greg and Connie a big hug for me!

  4. WOW!!! That was a BIG cinnamon roll!! We're really looking forward to seeing you two this weekend!

    Have safe travels and we'll see you soon!

  5. Be careful! George has now exceeded the CCC of your truck after that meal! :cD

    Give our regards to Mike and Terri, so nice that you can visit them. :c)

  6. Wow if I'd eaten all that I would not be able to move. Say Hi to Mike and Terri and safe travels to you two.

  7. I am impressed with his digestive track:) If I managed to get that roll down, I am sure I would have to nap for a while:)

  8. Wow, that is a big roll. Safe Travels.

  9. Congrats to George! Hope ya'll have safe travels, I'll be following your post.