Sunday, September 13, 2015

This and that

Camping World
Akron, OH
Greg & Connie's B&B

The latest on our RV:
The black tank shipped on Friday,
so as soon as it gets here
they'll install it and we can be on our way.

In the meantime, we've done some things with Greg & Connie..

I've fallen in love with Bella,
or should I say she's getting fond of us :-)

We took a ride to Geneva on the Lake
after picking up Subway sandwiches.
It was a beautiful day on Lake Erie.

We spied a heron on the water..

We've been earning our keep by helping out.
George was helping Connie with her computer..

The jets in the upstairs tub weren't working,
so George fixed that..

We took a ride to the Hartville Chocolate Factory
where we bought some goodies :-)

The rain came through last night and really cooled things down.
It's feeling like fall here!

We're loving it here, but miss our home.
With any luck, we'll be on the road by Wednesday.
We still have time to spend in Pennsylvania 
before we start at Amazon.


  1. Thanks for update. I hope you get going and no more problems.

  2. Thanks for update. I hope you get going and no more problems.

  3. Nice that you could help our your friends for their kindness. Sure hope the black tank fix is the last of your troubles with your rig. You've had more than your share. 48 degrees here this morning. Definitely feeling like fall.

  4. It's awesome you get to spend quality time with a great couple! Hugs to all of you!!

  5. It's nice that you can spend time with good friends while you're waiting on the RV.

  6. Hopefully the black tank install doesn't take too long or you might be finding Bella as a stowaway.... ;c)

  7. So let me get this straight. You are headed to Pa. We are leaving it tomorrow. You are in Ohio. We get there tomorrow but just barely; over-nighting at a Flying J in Hubbard just over the border then moving on Tuesday to Michigan. One of these days we just might be in the same state at the same time.

  8. Great to spend time with good friends! Hope you are back in your home soon though.

  9. Our Tatum would like a puppy play date with Bella! Any chance we will see you in PA?