Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Family Time in Pennsylvania

Dallas Mobile Home & RV Park
Dallas, PA

We've been so busy here!
I'm recapping our visit so far..


George went for an oil change while I got the wash done.
Afterwards he came and picked me up and we drove
by the property that was flooded 4 years ago this week!
We could barely tell where the house used to be..

Heather met us there and then took me to have a bit of a girl's day.
We went to the farmers' market in Wilkes-Barre
and I bought some great produce there.

I couldn't help but to stop at this cupcake food truck!
I bought a salted caramel cake..yum!


George, his son Chris, John, and Chris' father-in-law went golfing.
Heather and I had another girl's day out,
but then Friday night she and John took us
to a winery for tasting and some good food.

It was a beautiful deck, 
and the view was very nice!

The food was terrific! 
We shared a fondue-type dish with pita bread,
and they also made personal pizzas.


Was a very busy day!
We drove down to see the granddaughters!
Jillian, on the left, is 8 years old,
and Jaelyn is now 5.

We followed the family to watch Jaelyn play soccer.
She's pretty good!

Afterwards we drove around a bit,
went to the cemetery to visit George's parents' and grandparents' graves.

At 4 pm we were invited over to John's parents' house for dinner.
The whole family was there, and we had a great time.
Nobody took pictures! :-(


We definitely wanted to visit the church that we attended 
while living here.
It was certainly nice to see everyone,
and the monthly coffee hour after service was 
a perfect way to fellowship with everyone.

On the way back to the RV park,
we stopped by the local high school football field
to see Jillian and her cheerleading squad.

She does a fantastic job cheering, and loves it!

We were invited over to Chris & Gayle's house for dinner as well.
I worked with Chris at the water company,
and grew very fond of his wife and daughter Baylee.
Pizza was served, and we talked about work,
and their travels as they love camping as well.

Today George has been washing Harvey while
I've been getting caught up on our finances and budget.
We'll be going to dinner at Heather & John's house later on.

The next few days we'll be busy as well getting things taken care of
while we're in town.

We're going to need a rest...
but this is preparing us for Amazon!


  1. Sounds like Amazon will be your rest stop after all the fun you're having in PA. :c)

  2. So happy you are enjoying family time! See you soon!

  3. Busy times you are having. That is just the very best picture of you and George!!

  4. Wondering if the flood up your was in 2011 was the same one that daughter Terri has pics of that was up to second floor of the house she now has near Lebanon. When we were house sitting for her last week and it stormed 3 neighbors came by to see how bad it was at her house. No damage this time. They called the storm from 2011 Tim.

  5. If your calendar is like ours, you must be very busy. Squeeze in as many visits with your family. Enjoy your time there.

  6. I can see you and George are having a wonderful time and that is GREAT!

  7. It's always a busy time when you "go back" to visit. Looks like you are having an enjoyable time in PA.