Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Murphy stuff...

Camping World
Akron, Ohio
Greg & Connie's house

We finally hit the road after our huge repair to the truck on Thursday.
We had some time to make up in order to get to see some friends
on our trip back east.

We stayed in some Walmarts along the way,
and one Camping World.

Finally we made it to Lena, IL where we could visit our 
friends Mike & Terri.
They figured out for us that there was a site right behind them
that was open for one night.

It was so good to see them!
They took us to see their favorite place to eat in Monroe, WI,
We had the best sandwiches, and Mrs. Mike's potato chips!

 Once we had our fill of their wonderful cheese,
we walked around the little square there.

George found a new friend :-)

 Mike wanted to go to a car show in Freeport,
the town that he was born & raised in.
We enjoyed seeing some classics..

The next morning we had a nice breakfast with them at a local diner..

..and then we had say our goodbyes until 'somewhere down the road'!

We took off and finally ended up on highway 80 toodling along,
and making good time.

Just after we crossed over from Indiana into Ohio
our tire pressure monitoring system started beeping.
I checked the number on the LED display to see that
one of the trailer tires was down to 86 psi. from 125!
George tried to pull over to the side of the road safely,
but with all the holiday traffic whizzing by, it wasn't easy.
He ended up pulling into the 'u-turn emergency spot' in the median.
By the time we got stopped, it was flat!

George was able to determine that the problem was a valve stem issue.
After calling Good Sam roadside service,
they sent out a tow truck guy who was able to change out the stem,
and for no charge!
We sure are so happy that the tire system worked!

By the time it was changed, it was getting late,
so we pulled into a rest area to sleep for the night.

The saga continues..
stay tuned...


  1. It sure was nice that you could stop in for a visit. It's amazing that the site right behind us was available on Saturday night of Labor Day Weekend! We certainly had fun showing you two around our hometown area.

  2. I remember those stretches where it just seemed one thing after another went wrong. Hope that is the end of it for you guys. LOL that you got to eat Mike's favorite chips! Thanks for the pictures of them. Without those, we wouldn't know what in the world they are doing.

  3. Wasn't it Rosanna Rosanna Danna who said "It's always something."

  4. Glad to see Mike and Terry are busy. They haven't been keeping up their blog. Got caught up with them at the RV Dreams Reunion in NC this past spring.
    Glad to hear that your monitoring system actually worked for you. Both times ours never gave any warning.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. We have had one for a few months and it does give just a little sense of security. the valve stems do seem to be a problem. Glad you were able to get stopped without damage. If you hadn't had the warning beeping you might have been in trouble.

  6. I'm so glad you had the monitor system. We had the same thing happen in Arizona last year. I'm sorry we missed you on your way to Ohio, hopefully we'll see you soon. Travel safe.