Wednesday, September 9, 2015

As promised, the saga continues..

Camping World
Akron, OH
Connie & Greg's B&B :-)

So, to continue...
we pulled out of the Ohio Rest Area
around 7 am on Monday,
making our way to the Camping World in Akron.

We had made an appointment to get the wheel bearings packed,
the brakes inspected, and a few little issues to be looked at.
George decided it would be good to get the valve stems changed
on the trailer tires, since this is not the only one that has failed.
He's also noticed a 'smell' coming from the basement,
and has noticed some moisture, or outright liquid in the basement at times.

Tuesday morning we woke up in the Camping World parking lot,
they pulled the RV in to get ready to tackle the issues.
Our friends Greg & Connie live nearby so they came 
and helped load the basement into the back of his truck.

The diagnosis?
Black tank split at the seam, 
and also cracked horizontally!!
On top of that, they found that our bedroom slide cable had snapped,
(apparently recently or we would have noticed).
We're waiting for the tank to come in,
and it's all covered under far...
Thank God for Greg & Connie.
We're sleeping here at their house, 
they are such gracious hosts.

Connie and I had some fun yesterday.
We went to visit the National First Ladies Library
in nearby Canton.
It is housed in the Ida Saxton McKinley home,
where she and President McKinley lived for 23 years.

The current exhibit is The Forgotten First Ladies,
which showcases some of the china, gowns, 
and letters from some of the first ladies.

We had a lovely tour guide,
who was dressed as Lucy Harrison.

The house was beautiful, most of it recreated,
but there were a lot of original pieces .

I highly recommend the tour, we really liked it!

Last night we had a great Italian meal at Papa Bear's.
George got his spaghetti fix :-)

So today we are waiting to see when they can locate a black tank
to replace ours.
Connie and I decided we should take a ride to Elkhart and pick one up :-)

Stay tuned....



  1. Oh my gosh friend, I do indeed hope the warranty covers everything.

  2. Oh my gosh Laurie! Thank God for warranty! That's how all our work has been!
    Give Greg and Connie a big hug for us! Enjoy your visit with them!

  3. Oh no, not more! You guys deserve a break. I'm afraid to even imagine what that may cost. Lucky you didn't have more ahhhh...damage in your basement. I've never heard of the First Ladies Library. It looks very interesting. Thank goodness for wonderful friends to rescue you and take your mind off of this messy business. Isn't this the 3rd of these Murphy things? That's supposed to be the end.

  4. Wow, that is so discouraging. So sorry to hear of all these issues. Hopefully Camping World can get them all fixed up, and sooner rather than later.

    I was telling Harry about all your latest happenings (he's not much into reading blogs). He reminded me that he had read of people having issues a few months later with the other tire on the same side when the one tire loses pressure. I guess it can happen if it was driven on for more than a couple miles because the good tire takes all the weight. I'm not sure how far you guys had to drive before you could get into that safe area but just wanted to mention it so you can keep an eye on it.

    Hope the rest of your trip to Campbellsville is very quiet and uneventful!!

  5. We need to perform an exorcism on this Murphy guy! The First Ladies museum sounds interesting. Hopefully everything will get fixed soon. Who do you have for your extended warranty? We are looking into getting one.

  6. Laurie,
    After reading the last few post, I am almost afraid to hitch up the fiver in a couple of weeks. Y'all have certainly had your run of bad luck. Hope the rest of your travels are problem free.

  7. Holy cow! What a stinky problem with that black tank. Good thing you found out about it before a major fracture. Gotta love extended warranties. Phew. ;c)

  8. Enough is enough! Time to kick Murphy to the curb.

  9. Enough is enough! Time to kick Murphy to the curb.

  10. So glad you have the warranty. Is it still the original or did you buy an extended contract? As you know we just got a new extended, pricy, but after hearing about some of the unexpected problems I think it's worth it for peace of mind.