Friday, July 17, 2015

A nice visit with friends

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

There's been a few happenings this week..

We took a ride to Helena again on Monday.
We needed to pick up George's new glasses,
and it was time to upgrade our cell phones.
I chose the new Samsung 6 Edge,
while George got the Samsung Note 4.
He likes the big screen :-)

Tuesday was George's 65th birthday!
I surprised him with a cake made by a local baker,
and we all snuck into  the clubhouse while he wasn't paying attention.

He was very surprised, and the cake was excellent!

Wednesday our good friends Kathy & Paul Anderson came to stay for a few days.
They are exploring the west in their motorhome,
and are on their way to Glacier.

We welcomed them with a nice double rainbow that night :-)

Yesterday we took them on a tour of the area,
and ended up at Crazy Mountain Inn.

This is a little rustic place only open Thursday-Saturday.
Cash only, but good food.
Their pies are fantastic!
I had a piece of sour cream lemon :-)

We ended the evening chatting in their motorhome
and catching up.

They'll be here until Sunday,
we look forward to spending time with them!


  1. George - not paying attention!!?? I never heard of such a thing. lol Congratulations on being able to sneak anything past him. :)

    Happy birthday to George!!

  2. Happy Birthday George! It's definitely a big one. Boy rolling out a double rainbow to welcome your friends is pretty fantastic. You guys definitely have connections.

  3. Happy belated Birthday George. It's nice to have visitors. Hope your enjoying your summer.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday George! That cake looks delicious!