Monday, July 20, 2015

A nice hike

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

We've spent the last few days having some down time
with our friends.
The four of us having been taking walks around town..

We went out to dinner on Saturday,
then came back for the ice cream social.

Yesterday Kathy & Paul accompanied us to our local church.
They really seemed to enjoy it!
Later in the afternoon, we took the short drive up
to Memorial Falls for the lovely hike there.
It's a half mile trip to the upper falls, mostly uphill,
and over rocks and Talus slopes.

There are some beautiful wildflowers around the Belt Creek.

The first half of the hike isn't too bad.

We stop half way to stand on the bridge that crosses the water.

The rest of the hike up to the upper falls winds up
with switchbacks, and over rocks and roots.

There are a few places to stand on the edge to look over the falls..

The flowers have the most amazing colors!

We had to stop and rest a couple times on the way up.
The altitude made it hard to catch our breath!

 We had to cross over the creek at the top,
and we took another route down.
It was quite steep!
We took our time :-)

 It was a very enjoyable day.
Once we were back we had cocktails outside..
and a great pasta dinner.

Kathy & Paul are departing today.
They're heading toward Glacier to explore.

We will miss them!


  1. Nice that you have time off to enjoy hikes with good friends. A special day for sure!

  2. This looks like a great hike Laurie. Beautiful flowers and a waterfall. Those are the ones I really love. Nice pictures. Fun to have friends to show such beautiful places to. Any chance you'll go to Glacier to see them? Boy that's a beautiful place too.