Saturday, June 20, 2015

Livingston, MT

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Yesterday we took a nice drive to Livingston.
It's only about 71 miles south of White Sulphur,
and is a very pretty trip.

Rt 89 winds in between the Crazy Mountain
and Bridger Mountain ranges.
There was still a bit of snow on the tops..

Livingston is situated on the banks of the Yellowstone river,
and is 52 miles north of Yellowstone park.

We got into Livingston, parked in a lot by the Depot,
and walked around town.

The Depot was built in 1902 as Northern Pacific Railroad's
original access to Yellowstone National Park.
It now houses a museum and supports many festivals during the season.

This town of 7,000 was established because of the railroad.
It was midway between the St. Paul, MN and Tacoma, WA line.
The main street is lined with old west style buildings..

There are a lot of art galleries and antique shops
within some of the old buildings.
Very cool!

We stopped to have a bite for lunch in a great Mexican place..


It was definitely yummy!

We had heard that a drive through Paradise Valley
isn't to be missed, so off we went.

It is also a beautiful drive on south 89.
If you follow it all the way, it will lead you right into the national park.
It follows the Yellowstone River,
in between the Absaroka and Gallatin ranges.
The views are spectacular!

The river draws a lot of fly fisherman to this area as well..

It's just beautiful country!


  1. Definitely beautiful country. What are the temperatures this time of year?

  2. Boy you are right that the views are spectacular. Route 89 looks like a terrific drive.

  3. Fabulous! Enjoying it through your eyes....hope it's cooler than the rest of the country! and here in FL, haha....

  4. The summer we were in Yellowstone we drove this many times and never tired of the gorgeous views! Since we weren't able to go to Montana this summer, I am enjoying your explorations!!!

  5. Don't know which scenery I enjoyed more, the mountains or the yummy food on your plates... :cD

  6. Wow, such beautiful scenery! Looks like a gorgeous place to spend a few months.