Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back in time

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Seems like the rainy season is over here,
but it's been replaced by very hot weather.
Today is supposed to be in the high 90's!

Last Sunday we celebrated Father's Day
with some pie in the clubhouse.
It was very nice of Sally to honor the men this way.

There was also an influx of old Model T's into the little town
of White Sulphur.
This year the Montana 500 was held here.
The rally is held over 3 days,
with 200 miles the first and second days, and 100 for the third.
Cars must be stock, and are inspected both before and after the race.
We were lucky enough to have several staying in the campground..

Sunday afternoon they were a lot of them in town
at the local Spa Hot Springs Hotel parking lot..

 This cute one, driven by Jill Robinson, was this year's winner!

Not all are Model T's. There were some 'non-stock' cars
that tour with the other cars on their route.

It was really fun to see all these old cars.

The other night Gordon lit a campfire in the common area.
The outside temp was in the 80's, but it was fun to sit around
and chat with other campers.

We're really looking forward to the upcoming
Fourth of July celebrations.
There's a parade and nice fireworks display we hear :-)


  1. Love those old cars!

    Looks like a NW heatwave. I read where it was 104 in eastern Washington yesterday! Yikes!

  2. WOW, warm out west... high in Maine today will barely reach 60 degrees;o))

  3. Wow that seems really hot for near Teton. It's only in the upper 70's in Virginia TODAY! Neat old cars!

  4. Always enjoy seeing old, classic cars. Looks like there might have been a little rain... bet the owners didn't like that too much.

    Enjoy the heat, and STAY COOL!!!

  5. Old Henry Ford must be rolling over in his grave. A Pink Model T! Good heavens... :cD

  6. The car race sounds like fun! It is hot down here as well, but still drops into the 40’s at night. Crazy weather!

  7. I would think those old cars might be flat towable:)