Monday, June 8, 2015

An unexpected visit from friends

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

When we left Coyote RV Resort on May 11,
we said goodbye to a great couple
that we have grown very close to,
Connie & Greg.
Much to our surprise a week or so ago,
Greg sent me a text and asked exactly
where we were in Montana.
They decided to stop here for a couple days
on their way back to Akron, OH.
Arriving on Sunday afternoon,
they are staying in the local hotel.
Their trailer is in storage in CA
until they go back in December sometime.

We had them come over to the campground
and introduced them around to the owners and workampers.
The four of us went over to the Branding Iron
for an early dinner.

It was great catching up again!

This morning Greg & George went to the local
golf course to play 9 holes, while Connie and I had breakfast
and then took a short ride.

After our ride to the reservoir,
we circled back around and watched the boys
finish their short round of golf.
We took the truck back, then hopped in Greg's truck,
and gave them a tour of Meagher county.
We started on a loop that took us to Castle Ghost Town.

There are a few buildings visible from the county road,
but as the area surrounding the road is private,
you can't get too close to them.

It was once a thriving mining camp of 2,000 people, 
getting its start in 1882 mining for silver.
Calamity Jane for a short time ran a restaurant here,
before returning to Deadwood, SD.

The loop coming out of Castle Town
was entertaining us with a bit of wildlife.
We saw a doe and her fawn..

and and antelope with her baby..

The four of us were getting a bit hungry,
so we stopped for lunch at the 'Truck Stop',
which is becoming one of our favorite places :-)

We ended the afternoon by taking another short ride
to the Newlan Reservoir to show our friends.
What a perfect time to go,
as we saw another bald eagle!
Connie and Greg had never seen one in the wild,
so it was very cool!

 It was a wonderful day!
Connie and Greg are moving on tomorrow morning,
but we will see them sometime in September 
after we leave here and make our way to Kentucky.
We will miss them!


  1. How nice of your friends to make a trip to see you. Seeing a bald eagle in the wild is something very special. I love that header picture. It reminds me of the book I'm reading about the Pacific Coast Trail.

  2. Nice that you had a surprise visit from good friends. Better yet, you had a wonderful day with them. Life on the road is good indeed! :c)

  3. Very nice getting unexpected visitors and a chance to play tourist guide. Love seeing the wildlife pics.

  4. Gregg and Connie were lucky to two Great Host! Pics are nice.