Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wow, what a job!

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Well, we made it to our summer home!
Monday we drove a short 195 miles,
through beautiful Idaho and Montana scenery,
and made it to White Sulphur Springs, MT.
We will be working at Conestoga Campground until Labor Day.

We have a great site, with a view of the Big Belt mountain range.

This campground has only 48 sites, with 50 amp, 30 amp,
and several water and electric only.
There is a small office and store,

and a great laundry room, restrooms and showers.

The owners, Gordon & Sally Stewart couldn't be nicer.
After we got settled on Monday, they took us out to dinner to the 'truck stop'.
It's a great local place that you would never walk into if you didn't get taken by a local.
The food was fabulous!
Gordon also gave us a tour of the town, it's very small and took 5 minutes :-)

We jumped in with both feet on Tuesday to our duties.
I will be working the office, taking reservations, checking people in,
and selling things from the store.
George will do outside duties, mowing grass,
and helping out with painting and site maintenance.
We both clean the restroom area.
George and I work 2 days each.
Hours are sort of loose.
As the owner told me, come on over to the office anytime you want.
Stay until 7 or so, then you can keep an eye on any late arrivals
from the comfort of home :-)

I learned their Campground Master system very quickly,
as it is similar to Campground Manager that Coyote uses.
There are only about 20 of the 48 sites rented, and 3 of those are the workampers.
We're promised it does get pretty busy in the summer :-)

This morning I walked around and took pictures of the park and surrounding views..

There are some nesting Killdeer in the gravel.
Gordon cordons them off with cones so they don't get run over.

 There is a small trout pond on the property.
No catch & release, they want you to catch and eat!
$6 per fish :-)

 Gordon has plywood cutouts all over the park
in the shapes of wild life, wagons, and such..

George got the hanging baskets up and around the building.

Today during my shift,
the other workampers came over with Sally, the owner,
and we all played cards.
I hopped up to answer the couple calls we got :-)

Blanche, Sally, Lyddia, me

We really struck gold with this job.
There is so much to do around here,
nice scenery to explore.
It's going to be a great summer!


  1. Wow, this looks like a great place to work. And it's beautiful there. I'm looking forward to hearing more as time goes on. Should be a great summer!

  2. Wow, that looks awesome! Great people, great facilities, great scenery - what a nice place to spend the summer. :)

  3. You got a WINNER!!! Just looks beautiful and only working two days a week...lots of time to explore the beautiful area:o))

  4. A wonderful place to work! Always a gamble when you take on a work camping job, signing up sight unseen. Have a terrific summer! Looking forward to your posts!

  5. Looks like a great place to be. The scenery is so beautiful there.

    Playing cards at work... tough job!

  6. I am so sorry that you have to see those mountains every day!! The park there looks really nice. Sherri and I may have to come up there and spend some time. Thanks for the post.

    Joe Sherri and Kris

  7. It looks like a very laid back campground in such a beautiful location. Enjoy your summer.

  8. Glad you are there safe and happy. This is what it was all about wasn't it? Working? twodays a week each should give you plenty of time to rest and have fun. I hope they will be the same days for both of you. But if not, having some free time apart can be a good thing too.

  9. Nice find! So I guess we'll never be seeing you back at the COE after loving this job! ;c)

  10. Definitely looks like gold if you can stay in such a gorgeous place, only work 2 days a week and play cards while you work. Really nice work camping find.

  11. Looks like you found a real gem! It's another post I need to pin for future reference when I'm searching for an RV park :)

  12. Thinking you might like it better than Amazon?

  13. Nice gig! You are going to have a great summer!