Friday, May 22, 2015

A Short Excursion

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Yesterday we decided to explore our little backyard a bit.
We were told that there is a great little ride to take on
route 89 north to Memorial Falls, so that's where we started.

There were some beautiful views on the way north of the Little Belt mountains..

The road winds up and down, and over the summit of King's Hill Pass.
All of this is part of the Lewis & Clark National Forest.
The highway follows Belt Creek, which we were
 happy to see actually has water in it :-)

We eventually found ourselves at our destination for today,
Memorial Falls.

Even at the trailhead parking lot,
the creek is beautiful, as are the rock formations.

Even though my sciatica is still bothering me a bit,
we decided to give this short hike a try.
It's only 1/2 mile to the falls.

The trail is narrow and rocky, but only slightly uphill.

The creek is right beside the trail,
so there can be some opportunity for wildlife.
We saw none this time :-)

It wasn't long, and we were at the lower falls.

 There is an upper fall, but from there the trail gets steep,
and with the altitude (over 7300 feet) and my sciatica,
we didn't finish the hike to the very top.
We're still not quite acclimated to the thin air here :-)

On our way back into town, we stopped at a few pullouts..
this being the Showdown Ski Area.

We eventually ended up back in White Sulphur,
and George (of course) found a car wash there..

I stayed inside :-)

 We're finding that for a small town,
there are some great restaurants in town.
George and I got a bite to eat at
the Branding Iron Cafe.
I had the best Patty Melt I think I've ever had.
People eat hearty meals here!

We also checked out the local grocery store, Mathis Food Farm.
You can see how small it is :-)
It has enough goods to keep us happy
until we make it to a Walmart in Bozeman which is 80 miles away!

We also checked out a local Spa Hotel & Hot Springs.
For $6.00 (senior rate!) you can soak in the Mineral springs.
They have indoor and outdoor pools..

The sulphur smell is overpowering,
but it's supposed to be very healing and soothing.
We'll see :-)

Today we're relaxing, we have the windows open even.
It's another beautiful day in central Montana!


  1. That looks like a gorgeous area to spend a few months. The grocery store looks tiny from the pictures. Are the food prices higher there?

  2. Wonderful place to be. We are getting hitch itch. Even if it means renting a car or flying somewhere we want to get out of the heat. 93 today. Ugh.

  3. Maybe a good soak in those hot springs will bring you some relief from that pesky sciatica! ;c)

  4. Gotta get that sciatica under control. In the meantime, it's not keeping you from enjoying the area.

  5. Those hot springs might help your back. For that wonderful senior rate, it would sure be worth trying! :)

  6. Glad you were able to do part of the hike. I just love waterfalls. I agree that the springs might be very good for your back but I don't know about those rotten eggs.

  7. That's a great rate for the spa! I agree it would be a worth a try for your sciatica. Take nose plugs. :-)

  8. That's a great rate for the spa! I agree it would be a worth a try for your sciatica. Take nose plugs. :-)