Monday, April 27, 2015

The good, the bad, and oh the pain!

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

I would say last week was a typical week, 
but it didn't end up that way.

The Good...

We had our second golf lesson on Tuesday,
and also went out twice to the driving range to
practice our skills.

Wednesday my Mom drove up, 
and we took her to the airport to see her off
on her cruise up the Mississippi.
She and my Dad had taken
several cruises with American Cruise lines,
so she booked another one!
Turns out a friend of theirs decided to go
on the same cruise, so she's having fun :-)
We get to borrow her car while she's gone,
which is a nice bonus!

The bad...

George had noticed a leak under the truck,
and we both hear a 'whining' sound coming
from under the hood.
he took it into the Chevrolet dealer in Gilroy.
Alternator was going bad,
and the leak is from a bushing and seal
in the transfer case. 
Warranty of course has been out for awhile.
good thing Amazon gig is only 5 months away :-)

Oh the pain...

Friday afternoon I had a sudden pain in my Sciatic nerve
down my right leg.
I've had sciatica before, but this one had me in tears.
I ended up not working on Saturday,
and basically was flat on my back popping any pill I could find :-)
Yesterday it was no better, so George took me to the urgent care.
Since I couldn't stand up straight or walk,
George graciously got a wheelchair for me..

Not very flattering, but you get the picture!

They gave me a shot of Ibuprofen,
and prescription for steroids to reduce the inflammation,
and pain pills to help with that.
Pumped full of narcotics,
I rested most of the day and watched movies.
The relief wasn't really coming yet,
and so I decided to 'google' sciatica relief online.
I used to go to the chiropractor years ago,
and he had specific things he would do to
get me back in alignment.
I found some great stretches which helped a LOT,
but this morning it was still painful.
Back on the floor I went to do those stretches,
and I'll repeat them several times today.
Every time we're in California, something sends me to the urgent care or ER!

Looks like I'll be skipping golf tomorrow :-(

We've also made our future plans,
as we'll be making our way to Montana 2 weeks from today.

George and I will stop in the Sacramento area
for one night on May 11th to visit with my childhood friend Maryjane.
By Wednesday the 13th we'll be staying in Idaho at
so that we can explore Yellowstone until Monday the 18th.
From there we'll be going straight to our new summer gig at
in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.
Both of us are looking forward to hitting the road,
taking a week off,
and getting a new backyard :-)


  1. Ouch, my friend. As Gilda Radnor always said, It's always something.

  2. Ouch, my friend. As Gilda Radnor always said, It's always something.

  3. Glad your Mom is having fun. So sorry about the truck... and your Sciatic nerve! Time to get out of California!!

  4. Laurie, I sure hope you feel better soon!!! I have suffered with it for many years. It could eventually force us to a motor home so we can tow the car. Sometimes when I drive, is the time I have my most severe pain. I am on my second nerve block and it has lasted about 4 years. It has made the pain diminish quite a bit! Get better soon!!!! Judy

  5. Oh, I feel for you! That is a horrible thing to go through. Nice job helping yourself with those stretches too! It's a great compliment to the drugs :) Have you considered staying away from California for awhile??? :)
    Bummer on the truck too. Hope everything and everybody is back in working order soon!

  6. Having had an occasional attack of Sciatica myself over the years, I really sympathize with your current pain. This is a stretch that really, really helped me. Lie down, on your tummy, on the floor, with a clean towel for your face. Keep your arms either to the side or out in front, but not curled. You can also put a rolled towel under your forehead so you don't smash your nose, because you do not want to turn your head. Lay like this for ten minutes. Repeat a couple of times a day. This helps relieve the pinch in your spine that is causing the siatic nerve pain. Be sure to take an anti inflamatory. For what it's worth, I do this whenever I get even the smallest hint of Siatica and it seems to help.

  7. Feel better, it's no fun traveling in pain! You will love Yellowstone. We arrive at our summer jobs in Moran WY about the same time, expecting to get there 5/13 or 14. Safe travels.

  8. Glad there was some good to go along with this double dose of bad. Ouch to the wallet and ouch to your back. I sure hope the stretches work for you. A good chiropractor is worth his/her weight in gold. Too bad you can't tow one along with you. :-)

  9. I go to Chiropractor every time the Sciatic acts up. I've had problems since I was a teen. I hope you get relief. I feel for you with the truck, that's a bummer. Have fun in Montana, can't wait to hear all about it.

  10. We hope you are doing better soon. Keep up the stretching, that will really help out. We will be in West Yellowstone on the 10th or 11th. Looks like we will only be 3 hours away, from your summer job. Hopefully we can get together for dinner or a hike. I hear there is a big park nearby!

  11. So sorry to hear of that pain, Wendy's parents have had issues with that sciatic nerve and not fun. Get well soon and safe travels. Always good to get that new back yard.

  12. Ohh I feel your pain , Kind of. The Jeep is in getting a new camshaft. Sciatica is not fun. I have issues with it as well. Exercise is key. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Ohh I feel your pain , Kind of. The Jeep is in getting a new camshaft. Sciatica is not fun. I have issues with it as well. Exercise is key. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. I feel badly for you, with the pain from sciatica. I suffered for many years like that, until I finally saw a chiropractor. After only a couple of adjustments, that pain was gone. Well, I do have to have adjustments, but not like I did then! Hopefully, you'll consider seeing a chiropractor. Blessings, your fellow blogger, Lynn

  15. Ouch is right! But I think George should be in pain after he took those pictures of you. Hope all gets straightened out quickly!