Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pictureless update

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Not much to report over the last week or so.
Things were so 'normal' I didn't even take pictures!

We had a nice thunderstorm with hail on Saturday,
but since I was working inside, I didn't run out for a snapshot of it.
Poor George was soaked most of the day doing his outside work.

I've made several trips down to Salinas to help my mom.
I got her tax paperwork together to take to the accountant.
We did that on Tuesday, and it is with the accounting firm
that I worked at way back in the 80's.
My parent's accountant was a friend of mine then,
she's now a partner.

Yesterday I took Mom to her wealth management advisor.
The proceeds from the house sale are being safely tucked 
into an investment account to help keep a great income flow coming.
Afterwards I went for my annual checkup which is 2 years late :-)
Everything is great, and with our new insurance not a dime was paid by me!

I've been walking almost every day with Connie which made the doctor happy.
We have plans to go to Sweet Tomatoes with them today for lunch.
Next week we have a reservation to go see the elephant seals at
Ano Nuevo state park.
We're very excited as we've never done that!

Should have some nice pictures...stay tuned!


  1. I was just thinking that it's been awhile since I've taken pictures too. Sometimes regular life just gets in the way of all that fun :)

  2. Aren't we glad we are not still in NJ or PA?

  3. Poor George! No fun working in the rain, but at least it's not like the snow and ice he used to slog through! :c)

  4. Being a fulltime RVer we fall into normal routine and though not always an adventure it is still a great lifestyle.

  5. Glad you are both well...keep up the walking!!!!

  6. Sounds like nice things are happening for your mom. That's wonderful. And for you guys too. I love the term "wealth management adviser" and would love some tips on how to find an honest one who isn't mostly looking out for commissions for himself.

  7. Things are so normal for us we don't take pictures either. . . . or blog. :-)

    Glad everything went well at your doctor appointment.